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Perfumes for Fall

Walmart’s Best of Baby Event

Guess what guys?! My favorite one-stop-shop for all things baby, Walmart, is having their semi-annual Best of Baby event all month! There are a ton of offers online and rollbacks available in store. Think of it as a mini Black Friday! For all of September, they will be having different incentives each week which might include a gift card with purchase. What a great reason to shop right?! That's not all going on though, Walmart also has a Car Seat Trade In Event for 2 weeks. You can trade in your old car seat that's collecting dust in the garage (haha) for a $30 giftcard. They also are ...

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Affordable Drugstore Beauty at CVS

Let's be real here, you can spend your whole paycheck on beauty products. Am I right?! One trip to the beauty counter at a department store can add up to a couple hundred bucks for just a few products. That's why I love to grab everything I need from CVS. I can stock up on affordable drugstore beauty products and not break the bank. On top of the affordable drugstore beauty products they offer, there are always a bunch of the best beauty deals going on too. I try a ton of beauty products every month and I know that there a bunch of drugstore beauty dupes. You get the same quality for a ...

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My Favorite Baby Products from Walmart

Having kids of different ages and in different stages, I always need a variety of baby/toddler products. I know that I can always count on Walmart to find exactly what I need! From stroller accessories to feeding time products to everything I used to use when I breastfed... you name it, Walmart has it! In honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I also shared the products that I LOVED when I was breastfeeding. Walmart supports this national event with deals breastfeeding and feeding items! I literally used the same products for all 3 kids. Happy ...

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Liam!

So it's official... my littlest baby AKA my chunky monkey is now 2 years old! How and why?! Beats me but I'm not crying, you're crying! Any way, Liam silly personality is coming out more and more each day. He is thee ultimate Mama's Boy... like it's crazy. Ask Leo haha. He knows what he wants and will let you know he's not happy when he doesn't get his way lol. Any way, isn't he just SO cute?! I just can't. I couldn't think of a specific theme this year so I just went with the #2 balloon and 3 of his most favorite things in the world, two of which are hard to see in the pictures... Sharkie ...

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Keeping the Kids Hydrated with Ello’s Water Bottles

Omg, can you believe it's already time to go "back to school?!" I mean... didn't summer just start?! Lol. Any way, Landon is starting preschool next week and Scarlett is taking more dance classes so it's very important for them to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. I am loving Ello's new kids line that just recently launched at every mom's favorite place to shop at... Target! My favorite is the Emma Stainless Steel Water Bottle that keeps drinks cold for 14+ hours! Since we live in Temecula, where it gets sooo hot, insulated water bottles are a must! Not only are they super cute with ...

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My New Life As a WAHM

So I always got asked these questions when I was working: "1. how do you all that you're doing and 2. how's life with 3 little kids?" My answers before were always 1. having balance and a supportive, hands-on husband and 2. life with 3 kids is crazy lol. Now as a WAHM (work at home mom), my answers stay the same but my everyday life is much different. It's been almost 2 weeks since I quit the job I loved to be at home with my kids and the first week was a true transition week... I binged watched Game of Thrones, slept around 3am, slept in til like 10am (thanks hubby), and fed the kids as much ...

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New Month, New Season

Hey guys! First of all, happy July!!! This post has been overdue for a week but what better way to share this new season of my life than the start of a fresh new month? And I'm not talking about the summer season haha. So here it goes... after 6 wonderful years of working at an amazing charter school, Gompers Preparatory Academy (GPA), under the leadership of an extraordinary boss, I have resigned from my position as Musical Production Coordinator. It was one of the toughest decisions I had to make because I love where I worked, love what I did, love the people I worked with and love my ...

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