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How to Make Sure You Get Your Workout in at Home

It may still be a few months until swimsuit season but let's be real, we have to start working now to get the summer bod we want! Ever since 'Fall Back' I've been working out at home because it was too cold and got dark way sooner than I liked it. I didn't want to have to haul my kids to the gym when it already feels like bedtime lol. I've been using the Future Fit app and it's the coolest thing ever. It's basically virtual personal coach and yes, it's an actual person coaching you. My coach is based in San Francisco and she is coaching me all the way from there via the app. The workouts are ...

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Men’s Gift Guide for V-Day

Honestly, every time I have to get my husband a gift... his birthday, Christmas, Father's Day and of course, Valentine's Day, I am always like what should I get him?! He's not a materialistic person at all and would prefer sentimental gifts or a special date night but I like to get him something any way. If you haven't got your man a gift yet, you still got 10 days! I'm loving all of these ones I found and my husband's gift this year is in this gift guide ;) ...

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Loving These Coats

SoCal is so indecisive when it comes to the weather. One day I feel like it's warming up then the next day I'm back to freezing! Lol. I'm also the type that gets cold easily so I need to make sure I have coats ready to keep me warm on those cold days. I shared some of my faves from Nordstrom and most of them are actually less than $100 and on sale! Happy shopping! xo ...

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My Favorite YouTube Workout Videos

Fun fact: I have not been to the gym since 'Fall Back' Daylight Savings because the kids' school schedule changed and the only time I would be able to go is after school when my husband's at work. It was getting dark and cold like at 4pm so I didn't feel like taking the all the kids out then. I obviously had to keep up with my fitness so aside from the BBG program via the Sweat app, I love to find YouTube workout videos. As I promised my IG story viewers, below is a list of my go-to YouTube workouts! 45 min 600 calorie workout 30 min Full body HIIT workout with weights 30 min HIIT ...

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A Day in the Life of a Mom Blogger

Contrary to what is seen on my curated IG feed, what my photo shoot days can get chaotic... lol. It might not be that surprising to fellow bloggers because I'm sure most of them go through it. A lot of the times, I opt for pictures outside our house just cause it's much more convenient. But on the days that we go to different locations, that's when it's a different story. I try to do an outfit photo shoot day like twice a month so that I just have content stored and ready to post when needed. So, the craziness starts off at home... After doing my make-up which takes about an hour, I plan ...

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Love is in the Air

  It's almost February guys... love is in the air! <3 Ok but really quick, January is like thee longest month ever, am I right? I feel like we celebrated New Years forever ago. Any way, it's actually coming to an end meaning February is around the corner. We all know Feb. is known for V-Day. To help you guys get in the spirit, I rounded up the cutest heart pieces I could find. Treat yo self or give hints to your significant other haha. Happy shopping! xo ...

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Two Things This ‘Mombie’ Does Every Morning

Definition of Mombie: moms who are exhausted but stay up late any way because that's the only time they have kid free... TOO ACCURATE! I get most of my blogging and IG stuff at night after the kids sleep. Every time I wake up, I tell myself that I'll sleep earlier at night so I'm not so exhausted in the morning but NOPE. Luckily I have coffee to help with the exhaustion but looking exhausted is inevitable haha. To make me look more awake and ready for the day, I do these two things (after my whole morning skincare routine): I put No7 Instant Results Revitalizing Hydrogel Eye Masks under ...

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Scarlett’s Num Noms Party at Pump it Up Murrieta

For her 5th birthday, Scarlett requested a Num Noms themed party which I found kinda odd cause she doesn't play with Num Noms lol. But hey, she's the birthday girl and I'm just here to make her dreams come true right? Then she said she specifically wants me to invite all her dance friends and since I'm friends with all the moms, I was all about it! Now that we had the theme down, it was time to decide on a location. We were going to throw a party at home but those are so draining and after the holidays, this mama was already drained! So I looked online with Scarlett and when she saw ...

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