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Ulta Beauty’s Black Friday Sale

It's that time of the year ladies... time to get our shop on!!  It's so crazy that most stores are having their Black Friday sale ALL week but I'm here for it! This is the perfect time to stock up on your beauty faves or try products you want to try but don't want to pay full price for them. I rounded up some of my favorites from Ulta Beauty's Black Friday sale. A lot of them are 50% off! I used a few of these products in my make-up video that I posted today on my Instagram. Happy shopping! xo ...

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Walmart’s Dia de los Muertes Products

If you celebrate Dia de los Muertes or wanting to do a themed dinner, check out Walmart's assortment of products! There's so much to choose from and you gotta love the Walmart prices, am I right?! The kids still love the movie Coco (and yes, so do I) so after finally settling into our  new place, I decided to do a Dia de los Muertes themed dinner for a movie night! Yes, we did order Mexican food takeout too :) It was perfect! ...

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Managing My Time as a SAHM

As if my schedule wasn't already crazy already, let's throw in an unexpected and sudden move to San Diego! It's been such a hectic couple of weeks. Like literally, last week when we moved in was non-stop unpacking, cleaning and organizing. I lived in pajamas and had no make-up. I didn't even get my workout in because every free moment I got was used towards settling in. Now that we are pretty much settled in (we still are on the hunt for a couch), I finally was able to start a routine and schedule this week. I've received messages before about how I manage my time as a blogger and SAHM. I ...

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Our Stay at Hilton Lake Las Vegas

As much as I love revisiting hotels that we love, I love checking out new hotels! We decided to try Hilton Lake Las Vegas after seeing such beautiful photos of the property and reading great reviews on the hotel. The moment we drove into Hilton Lake Las Vegas, I was in awe about how picturesque it was. It honestly didn't even feel like we were in Las Vegas, for some that may be a negative, but we loved it. It felt very much a like we were in a secluded town in Italy somewhere. Hey, I never been but I assume that it's similar lol. Any way, after posting a bunch of videos and photos on my IG ...

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Vroom Vroom, Liam is 3!

  How is my littlest baby 3 years old?!? Literally crying, omg. Liam AKA Chunks has been going 100mph since he was born (I'm not kidding, read his birth story here) and he hasn't slowed down since. He is my craziest kid who keeps me on my toes 24/7 lol. Even though he is the cause of a lot my stress and new white hairs, I love him so much it hurts! <3 Also, I'm gonna keep it super real with you guys. I absolutely dread birthday photo shoots and family photo shoots because it's so stressful with kids lol. But I'm "that mom" that loves to have cute pictures for memories (and insta) ...

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Kindness with Madame Alexander

Scarlett has had her Madame Alexander Baby Doll for a couple weeks now and they have been inseparable! When she first laid eyes on her doll, whom she named "Rae," she was in awe with how realistic it looked. I mean, I was too! You can just tell that's it made really well. I also love that the doll had different skin tone options. The doll came with a beanie, pillow and blanket. Since the doll didn't come with too many accessories, she was really able to just play and bond with the doll itself. I did get her a stroller for it because she loves to have her doll with her around the house at all ...

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Family Day Trip to Cabazon Dinosaurs

My boys have a HUGE obsession with dinosaurs (Scarlett still kinda likes them too haha) so we for sure needed to take them to Cabazon Dinosaurs! I mean we live only an hour away so there's no excuse. I didn't want this stage to pass without us taking them there. I did receive questions about it after sharing a few stories on Instagram so I thought I'd share info here :) There are 2 big dinosaurs by the parking lot that you don't need to pay to see. To enter, you do need to buy tickets! It's $13 per adult and $11 per kid. Our total for our family of 5 was $59. It does sound a little ...

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Tips on Working Out While on Vacation

Yes yes, I know a true vacation means unlimited guilt-free meals and complete relaxation without working out. For those of you that have fitness goals you want to accomplish by a certain time, getting your workouts in while on a vacation is a must. I spent a week in Vegas recently and still made it a plan to get my workouts in. It was challenging but doable. Did I have cheat meals? YUP. I literally ate everything my heart desired, no regrets lol. It's all about balance right? I felt less guilty eating where cause I knew I still completed my workouts. Not gonna lie, I did miss one though. Tips ...

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