The “Magical” Healing Balm

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If you don’t already have this organic healing balm by The Honest Company, you should totally get it now! Seriously, this product works wonders. First of all, it’s made of all organic oils and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals! Scarlett’s skin tends to be on the dry side so I thought the solution was to put a ton of baby lotion on her. I spoke to her pediatrician and found out that the baby lotion I was using is water based so it only temporarily relieves dry skin. Ever since I started using this product, I’ve seen a major difference. Her skin stays moisturized for much longer and feels silky smooth, like newborn status.

This past December, we went to Sea World on a gloomy day and it totally slipped my mind to put sunblock on Scarlett. And yup you guessed it, my poor baby got sunburn on her cheeks… ultimate mommy fail for sure. Of course, I was freaking out at night when I noticed her cheeks were super red. Quick shoutout to my sweet husband who always has to put up with my worry wart self 24/7, lol. So I went ahead a posted about what I should do in my “First Time Mommy Facebook Group,” best group ever btw! I didn’t have any of the remedies they suggested so I decided to use the organic healing balm for the night then get whatever I needed to get in the morning if it still looked bad. Throughout the night, I slabbed thick coats onto her cheeks. To my surprise, her cheeks were back to normal the next morning! I’m not even exaggerating. And no, I don’t work for the Honest Company… but are they hiring? LOL jk. Any way, this amazing product makes me one happy mama!

You can get it here or if you have a Costco Membership, a 2-pack is currently on sale for the price of one here (what a steal)!


2 thoughts on “The “Magical” Healing Balm

    • Hi Jillian,

      Right?! I’m obsessed. I love that it’s super versatile and us parents can get a use out of it as well! My baby girl had eczema too and it totally healed it 🙂


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