Photo Shoot Fun

MQ_photoshoot1(Me and Scarlett in our comfy wear)

Yesterday, Scarlett and I had the pleasure of being the models for Saffron & Sage Living‘s Spring Photo Shoot. The photographer is my husband’s friend from high school which is how I found out about the opportunity. They were looking for a pregnant mama and a baby so it was perf! I mean… getting to play dress up and have professional photos taken?! Count me in. AND with my Scarlett?! YES PLEASE. The location of the shoot was in a house in La Mesa, CA. When I walked in, I was just in awe! It’s one of those houses you would totally see on HGTV’s Flip or Flop show… so modern and super cute! #housegoals for sure.

They provided a lot of the outfits for me which were all non-maternity clothing and mostly from Zara. Most of them were the loose/oversized style and the others… well, we had to get creative haha. I can’t remember how many outfit changes I had and of course, forgot to take a pic in each one (except in our comfy wear above)… I blame it on my preggo brain!

The theme of the shoot was “lifestyle” or what I’d like to call “lifestyle goals,” LOL. It’s basically everything I envision for “The Mama Queen.” We pretty much looked so put together all day, even during nap time! We mothers know how extremely hard that is in real life but it would be nice right?! Oh and wait, what’s a nap? Haha. When Scarlett was a newborn, I literally lived in a robe. I always dressed her up and took cute pictures of her since she was born but you definitely wouldn’t want to see how the person behind the camera looked like during the first couple of months!

I can’t wait to post all of our outfit details and pictures from the photo shoot once I get them! Here’s Scarlett eating during our break (real life status):


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