Essie – “Geranium”


The weather has been so blah this weekend that I decided to brighten it up bit with a bright nail polish! I used “Geranium” by Essie. It’s honestly the perfect bright orangey red color ever! I wanted to show you how bright it is so the swatch above is in direct sunlight… I almost needed my sunglasses cause they’re so bright! Haha. But really though, the polish itself applies onto the nail smoothly. It’s also so opaque that you can get away with just one coat if you wanted to (I used two). Don’t you just love it?!

Since I’ve been doing my own nails for years now, I’ve gotten use to not getting polish all over my cuticles. Thank goodness! Not gonna lie though, there are still times when I get a little messy soooo… I want to share what I use to get that salon-like mani:

The Sally Hansen Manicure Clean Up Pen!

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.37.29 PM.png

The slanted tip is “major key” in accurately getting the unwanted nail polish off, especially in the harder to reach areas near the cuticles. You should totally get one of these to keep in your manicure kit. I promise, it will be a lifesaver!

P.S. Just in case you missed it,  I shared how I do my manis in a past post here!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.28.55 PM.png


6 thoughts on “Essie – “Geranium”

  1. I have that polish color and it’s one of my very favorites! It is definitely the perfect shade of red and it lasts a really long time! Definitely one of Essie’s very best shades!


  2. […] You can never go wrong with white nail polish! I love the clean, classic look. Of course, you gotta make sure it’s done nicely or it’ll look like the days you used to paint your nails with white out back in elementary school haha! Check out my past posts on how I do my diy manicures here and a product that you need ASAP if you do your own nails here! […]


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