My Daily Philosophy Skin Care Products

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Ever since I discovered the Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, I never looked back… this has been my go to face wash for years! It’s so gentle on the skin yet so effective in deep cleaning and removing make-up. My face always feel so refreshed after using this product. And when they say “one-step,” they sure do mean it! I don’t even need to use a toner because it tones the face as well. Love it! Anything to eliminate a step in my skin care routine makes this busy mama happy! Another plus: you can use this to clean your make-up brushes too! Say whaattt? 🙂

To moisturize my skin at night I use the Renewed Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. It pairs perfectly with the cleanser since it’s also super gentle and lightweight. Before using this, I was using the regular Hope in a Jar which is also amazing but the renewed version is definitely a step up. I always wake up with my skin feeling so smooth.

For daytime moisture, I use the Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer with SPF 30. It’s basically all of the above with a SPF bonus! I love that it’s oil-free since my face tends to be on the oily/shiny side… totally not cute for pics haha! It seriously does feel like a “breath of fresh air” like Philosophy claims it to be. Some nights I only get 4 hours of sleep so thanks to the one-step cleanser plus this moisturizer, I can look a little less tired since it does a wonderful job of revitalizing the skin and adding a nice glow. Keyword: look. Lol.

The best thing about Philosophy products is that they don’t contain any harsh chemicals and strong fragrances. I mean… why would you want to put that kinda stuff on your face?! If you’re looking for new skin care products to try… you need to try these! They are my absolute faves.

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