Flashback Friday: Maternity Photoshoot

These pictures were taken when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Scarlett back in October 2014 (photo cred: Steve Cachero)! I just love looking back at these photos because it brings back so many memories! It’s crazy to think that my first pregnancy went by super slow for me because I was so excited to be a mommy and for Scarlett to arrive. Seriously, every week seemed like an eternity. I literally checked my pregnancy apps every single day to track her development in my belly. I even took weekly belly shots which I looked forward to taking every Wednesday.

Now, it’s like… “how am I 33 weeks already?!” Scarlett is a super smart and extremely energetic one-year-old that has been keeping me on my toes. Most days go by so quickly and I’m just trying to cherish these special times that Scarlett still is the only child. To be honest, it’s bittersweet but I am so excited for my baby boy Landon to arrive next month! He’s a blessing to our family and I look forward to him and Scarlett growing up together!

P.S. Here’s a 9 month collage of my bumpdates with Scarlett. Sad to say, I don’t have weekly belly shots this time around as I lost track of time with work, Scarlett, and of course, being pregnant. Great news is that I do have a bunch of preggo blog photos and preggo #ootds that I can look back on 🙂



33 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Maternity Photoshoot

    • Thanks Renee!! Aw congrats on your pregnancy & I’m glad It’s going by quickly for you! Trust me, the 3rd trimester for me felt like it was never gonna end! Lol.


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