Personalized Headwrap for Girls

MQ_sewsew3MQ_sewsew1MQ_sewsew4MQ_sewsew5MQ_sewsew6MQ_sewsew7MQ_sewsew8MQ_sewsew9Vest: Osh Kosh – Onesie: Gap Kids (sold out) – Shorts & Shoes (sold out): Old Navy – Headwrap: Sew Sew Collins

Omg, how adorable is this headwrap?! *insert heart eyes emoji here* It’s from Sew Sew Collins, a small business that Scarlett is a Brand Rep for (check out their Instagram here). I knew we were going to get a beautiful handmade headwrap but I was so surprised it had ‘Scarlett’ embroidered on the back! This would make the perfect gift and they come in different fabrics and sizes! 

How about that denim vest too?! So stinkin’ cute! I decided to pair it with a white onesie and white shorts so it wouldn’t take too much away from the floral headwrap. I added a touch of pink to compliment it though with her little shoes from Old Navy which are obviously getting too small on her now haha. Can you see her big toes kinda sticking out? LOL. I love this perfect Spring outfit!! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Personalized Headwrap for Girls

  1. She is seriously the prettiest little girl ever!! I love that outfit you styled for her! Also too cool that the first time I found your blog, I noticed how beautiful her name is and now I’m seeing something with it embroidered on. I love it! Seriously too too cute!! ❤

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed


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