SOPHi by Piggy Paint – “Boyfriend Abroad”


Happy Mani Monday!!!

First of all, I’m so excited to announce that Scarlett and I are brand reps for Piggy Paint! We have been fans of their polishes for awhile now so I was thrilled when they asked us 🙂 They were so nice enough to send us a bunch of their polishes for us to try plus their non-acetone nail polish remover gel. SOPHi is their adult line which is an odorless, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic nail polish with a PRIME + SHINE + SEAL system. Just like Piggy Paint polish, their polishes are water based and don’t contain all the harsh chemicals that cause nails to become yellow and brittle.

The color I chose to use is “Boyfriend Abroad.” The formula was thin and easy to apply! It was also very opaque which I love. I also liked the brush because it’s curved in the corners. I used the PRIME + SHINE + SEAL system with it too and it was amazing! So you start with one coat of the PRIMER + SEALER then however many coats of the colored polish you want… I used two. Then one coat of the Shine Topcoat then one last coat of the PRIMER + SEALER. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with this line! I mean… I love the Piggy Paint polishes for Scarlett but wondered how I would like their adult polishes. It worked as well as the products I normally use! It dried pretty fast too.  You should definitely check them out! SOPHi is perfect for pregnant women, mamas with little children, and for anyone who just wants safer nail products to use!


12 thoughts on “SOPHi by Piggy Paint – “Boyfriend Abroad”

  1. I LOVE this gorgeous mauve shade! I’ve been on the hunt for a polish line that isn’t completely terrible for my nails and body and will definitely have to give SOPHi a try!


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