3 1/2 Years of Marriage

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Today marks 3.5 years of being married to the sweetest man I know! It’s crazy to think that my husband and I have known each other since high school. We met when I was 14 and I’m turning 29 soon so that means I’ve known him for more than half of my life! We started dating in college in 2006 so we also celebrate 9.5 years of being together. For our first year of dating, we literally celebrated every month and our family and friends always made fun of us! Haha. Now we celebrate every 1/2 year and of course, every actual anniversary. As with any relationship,  we have been through our share of ups and downs but everything we went through together only made us stronger.

To say I’m lucky to have him is an understatement. He truly is my better half, my biggest supporter, the most loving husband and the best dad I could ever imagine for my children. Oh, and he is also very, very patient… I mean, he did survive my crazy pregnancy hormones (twice)! Lol. Our relationship is no where near perfect and our marriage is something we work on every day. There’s definitely no one else I’d rather do life with 🙂

P.S. Photo credit goes to our wedding photographer, Holly Ireland!


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