Neat Cheeks Face Wipes

MQ_neatcheeks1MQ_neatcheeks3MQ_neatcheeks2MQ_neatcheeks4MQ_neatcheeks6MQ_neatcheeks5MQ_neatcheeks7MQ_neatcheeks8Onesie: Rosie Pope – Headband: Quinn and Max (Etsy)

I am OBSESSED with wipes… I have a ton stocked up for Scarlett because we all know toddlers can get messy and most of the time we aren’t able to wash them right away. I have different wipes for specific purposes and my husband Leo thinks it’s so silly lol. I have baby wipes, of course, hand wipes, face wipes, and boogie wipes (for a runny nose). When I heard of Neat Cheeks, I thought it was the most clever invention!

Neat Cheeks (as seen on the TV Show Shark Tank on ABC) are flavored face wipes that are naturally sweetened with Stevia, which is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener. They don’t contain alcohol or fragrances which is always a plus. The face wipes I have been using for Scarlett are lightly scented and no matter how much I try to avoid her from licking them, she always does when I wipe around her mouth area and then she refuses to get her face wiped after that.

Now with Neat Cheeks, I don’t have to worry about Scarlett tasting any harsh chemicals and it’s been less of a struggle wiping her face… thank goodness! It’s always a good thing to discover new products that make a mama’s life easier. By the way, they come in two flavors: sweet flavor and peach flavor, Mmm… but obviously, it’s not something I would give to her as a snack lol.


*Update: Giveaway winner has been chosen and contacted. Thank you all so much for entering!

*This post is in collaboration with Neat Cheeks. As always, all opinions are my own.

11 thoughts on “Neat Cheeks Face Wipes

  1. Wow, Scarlet is so adorable I love her eyes and cheeks, so fluffy 🙂 I want to get my hands on those Neat Cheeks face wipes too 🙂 Because mommies will never have enough wet wipes 🙂
    I followed you and neat cheeks on Instagram by the way, my username is @expatpetite 😉

    ♥ from


  2. I’d love to get my hands on these! My baby is turning 1 in a week and she thinks it’s ok to eat EVERYTHING! I love that these wipes are safe for little ones 🙂 I followed you both and would like to enter your giveaway!

    Instagram: @coffeecrazymommy


  3. How awesome! Would love to try these on my sweet baby boy! He always tries to eat the Johnson’s hand and face wipes we have but they are disgusting! I followed both instagrams 🙂 (@brennakelsey1987)


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