SOPHi by Piggy Paint – “Lost in London”


I’m really hoping this is my last mani before baby Landon arrives! Lol. I’m going to stick to shades of nude until after I give birth because a nude polish doesn’t look as bad when it’s chipped compared to a bold color polish. Let’s be real… my mani won’t be looking so fresh until we are finally settled at home with a newborn haha.

I posted about how awesome I think SOPHi Nail Polish by Piggy Paint is in a post last week (here) so I’m not gonna go into detail again but this brand is amazing. Just like their polishes for babies/kids, the formula is natural, non-toxic and odorless! I did this mani using their PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System which really helps keep the polish on longer. And can we talk about how pretty this color is?! It’s the seriously the perfect “pinkish nude” called “Lost in London” …love it!!

Anyway, check them out if you haven’t already. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


18 thoughts on “SOPHi by Piggy Paint – “Lost in London”

  1. I LOVE this color, it’s so pretty and perfect for spring! I also love that it doesn’t have an odor and is all natural, I’ll have to look into this brand; I’ve been trying to switch over to as many all natural, organic products as possible! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend, beauty!




    • I agree!! and that’s awesome 🙂 You will def. like this brand then! They don’t make your nails brittle or yellow too which is a plus! Thanks Jalisa!! Have a great weekend too xo


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