The Reason Why My Bun is Messy

MQ_staticgrey4MQ_staticgrey3^^This is her “sad” face lol. She was sad when we told her to stop running away from us haha.MQ_staticgrey6MQ_staticgrey7MQ_staticgrey5Onesie: Static Grey – Tutu: Joe Fresh (sold out) – Shoes: Old Navy (sold out) – Headband: Harper’s Bowzaar (no longer on Etsy; found similar)

This onesie totally makes me LOL cause it’s so true! Scarlett actually likes to play with my hair now and mess up my bun even more… if that’s even possible haha. This onesie is from a small shop on Etsy that Scarlett is a brand rep for called Static Grey. They have a bunch of other cute options that have hilarious sayings on them too! They all come in onesies and t-shirt versions. The owner of the shop was so nice enough to send Landon a newborn onesie too… how sweet! I can’t wait to take his pictures wearing it.

To doll up the outfit, I decided to pair the onesie with a black layered tutu (that we got as a gift) and her white gladiator sandals. The leopard headwrap is also from a small shop on Etsy called Harper’s Bowtique that is actually no longer on Etsy. I got it for her last year and as her head gets bigger, I just stretch it out a bit haha. I linked one that looks almost exactly the same from Baby Gem’s Boutique.


We took these pictures at a park and I’m so thankful my husband was there to chase her around while I took the pictures. Usually I take her pictures by myself when he’s at work but now at 39.5 weeks pregnant, I’m really restricted. She’s probably faster than me right now too and knows it lol. My hubby Leo is also the one behind the camera for all my blog photos… Shoutout to my amazing instagram/blog husband!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.51.55 PM    il_570xN.1003043831_to57


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