Mama Items You Need in Your Hospital Bag


In honor of my due date tomorrow, I wanted to share some essential items that I have packed in my hospital bag! They are basically the same things I brought for my first pregnancy 🙂

A Comfy Plush Robe

Being comfortable is key so bringing a plush robe is a must. I suggest bringing one that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of after since you will be using it in the hospital. Last year, I brought the one I wore every day at home then just bought a new one after I gave birth.

Phone Charger

I think this is a must in any situation! Right? Lol. I checked in to the hospital 14 hours before I actually gave birth so there was obviously lots of down time where I was on my phone.

Favorite DVDs

To feel more comfortable, I brought 6 of my favorite “feel good” movies and just had my husband rotate through them all during my hospital stay. I just liked to have them playing in the background. Bride Wars is one of my all-time favorite chick flicks!


Ok basically you can’t eat anything except jello and water during active labor (or at least that’s what they gave me lol)… then you have to PUSH and BREATHE in a room full of nurses and doctors plus your hubby and whoever else you have in there… one word: MINTS.


Most of us already have cameras on our phones but since I started blogging I splurged on a new camera that I for sure will be taking with me to the hospital. I can’t wait to take Landon’s pictures in his going-home outfit! 🙂

Non Skid Socks

Like the robe, bring some that you don’t mind getting rid of after. I used to teach Pure Barre and we wore these socks for class so thankfully, I have a bunch of them. When I was trying to suck it up without the epidural for a couple hours, I walked around the hospital halls with Leo in these socks and my robe. I didn’t want anything to do with shoes, especially since my feet were swollen. This time around, no swollen feet… yay!

Travel Size Toiletries

Of course, I have to pack my favorite Philosophy products and I’m glad I have the travel size! I suggest hitting up that section at Target with all the travel sized items and stock up! We have so much to pack in the bag already and I assure you that you won’t be using up a full size bottle of face wash during your stay. Oh, and don’t forget a bunch of hair ties! I’m sure you won’t want your hair all over your face when you’re huffing and puffing to get that baby out haha.

Loose/Maternity Clothing

You’d definitely want to bring your comfiest clothes. I packed my favorite oversized t-shirts and maternity leggings. Let’s just say Landon will be the only one dressed to impress when we are ready to go home! Lol.

Fellow mamas and mamas-to-be: am I missing anything?! Let me know!

13254100_10101296951875040_4086394932152777341_nBag: San Diego Hat Company


8 thoughts on “Mama Items You Need in Your Hospital Bag

  1. Love seeing what other women pack for the hospital! My bag is basically the same! Soo exciting that your due date is tomorrow!! Mine is Saturday. I’m getting soo nervous! Good luck with everything 🙂

    Renee | Lose The Road


    • Me too! And that’s awesome 🙂 We’ll be set! and you’re going to do great Mama! Praying that you may have a fast & safe delivery. Our babies might be birthday twins! ❤


  2. Makeup remover/face wipes! I had given birth a year ago today 🙂 I remember not being able to hop into the shower right away but feeling like I wanted to cleanse/wipe my face down a bit. It felt so refreshing especially it being summertime. And congratulations! You’re almost there!!


  3. An extra pillow ! The ones from the hospital are so flat and uncomfortable. After all the work to get that baby out your definitely going to want to be able to rest on a comfortable fluffy pillow.


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