Introducing Baby Landon Leo

If you have been following my blog then you know how long I’ve been anxiously waiting for this little guy to arrive! Lol. Well, he’s finally here and was totally worth the wait (and weight) haha! Honestly, even days leading up to his birth, I kept asking myself “how in the world am I going to love any one as much as I love Scarlett?” I mean everyone always told me it just happens instantly when you hold the new baby in your arms for the first time and I knew it was possible but how… When the nurse gave me Landon to hold for the first time, what everyone told me is true. My heart literally grew in size and made room for me to love my baby boy as much as I love my Scarlett.

The labor itself was long and I went through some complications which prolonged the process. I don’t want to bore you with the nitty gritty details so long story short… I got a fever, contractions stopped and I was stuck at 9cm for HOURS. It got to the point where they were talking about a possible emergency C-Section. In end though, after hours of more waiting and with the help of an amazing team of professionals, I was able to deliver Landon naturally at 3:52 a.m. on June 4th (I was admitted into the hospital at 1 p.m. on June 3rd). I couldn’t have made it through this crazy day without my mom and husband by my side as well!

We brought Landon home on Sunday and I am so happy to have my little family complete. One of the hardest things I had to deal with this past weekend (besides giving birth of course) was being away from Scarlett for 2.5 days… especially overnight since I have never spent the night without her. As for her new role as a big sister, let’s just say we are all taking it one day at a time. She has been used to me and Leo giving her our 100% attention since she was born so it’s a bit of a transition for her. I get so heartbroken when she calls out for me while I’m breastfeeding because I can’t do whatever she wants me to do with her. (Any other mamas of 2 or more feel me)?! Thankfully though, my amazing husband is a super hands-on daddy so he really has been showering her with extra love and attention.

Oh and Landon is such an easy-going baby so far and only cries for the necessities! The most difficult part with a newborn this time around is adjusting back to #teamnosleep haha! Although, I would trade in any amount of sleep for my sweet baby boy 🙂 My heart is so full.


14 thoughts on “Introducing Baby Landon Leo

  1. I thought the EXACT same thing about loving my second baby- well oh my- do I love him! He’s just a delight and I can’t get enough of him.
    As for my Scarlett- I’m lucky that she is 3yrs & 2months and is really into babies and showing her nurturing side and is very helpful so far… week in it could all change.
    She goes to daycare two days a week also so we are doing our best to keep things as normal as possible for her and treat her no differently than before. Plus- she loves tv so that is helpful too !! 😉


    • That’s great! Glad to hear the transition is going well for your baby girl 🙂 We made some progress today and she’s kissing him and hugging him. Of course, she’s a little rough so we gotta work on that! Lol.


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