Zoya – “Payton”


I’m so glad I decided to stick with nude shades until after I gave birth because my Michael Kors mani from a week and a half ago was chipping like crazy! I knew I wouldn’t know when I would be able to give myself a fresh mani after bringing Landon home so… I just stuck with nude shades since chipping is less noticeable.

I just couldn’t wait to use a bold, sparkly polish after weeks of neutral colors! What’s better than “Payton” by Zoya?! I mean  c’mon… it’s sooo pretty and shiny! I can’t stop looking at my nails haha. From far it looks like a typical burgundy color but up close, you can see all the tiny glitters. It applies like a gem and is completely opaque with 2 coats. The formula is pretty thin which I like. To make it extra shiny, I used Seche Vite Top Coat.

If you don’t have this color in your nail polish collection, you need to get it now! 🙂

Happy Mani Monday!!!


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