Ipsy “June 2016 Glam Bag” Review


What’s in the bag?

  1. Formula X Nail Polish in Wingwoman
  2. Crown Brush 3 Tone Bronzer
  3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge
  4. Liptini Cream Lip Color in Pinktini
  5. Marc Anthony Dream Beach Waves Spray

MQ_juneipsy2The June 2016 Rebel Rebel Bag

Yay! I always get excited when I get the shiny pink package in the mail cause it means I get to try new beauty products then review them. So the bag itself… I like how it’s super colorful and has a zipper but the style isn’t for me. I’ll probably find something to use it for though.

MQ_juneipsy7MQ_juneipsy10Formula X Nail Polish in Wingwoman

This polish applies like a dream! Seriously, it’s one of those polishes that is so opaque that you could get away with just one coat if you really wanted to. I used 2 coats in the picture above. The formula is so creamy and goes on so smoothly. Great nail polish brand!

MQ_juneipsy4Crown Brush 3 Tone Bronzer

When I first saw this, I was instantly reminded of neopolitan ice cream! Haha. It’s super cute. I’m not much of a shimmery bronzer person but I did try this to see how it applies. It’s definitely too light for my skin tone because I couldn’t see it on and I packed on the product on my make-up brush.

MQ_juneipsy5MQ_juneipsy8Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge

Ah I love Urban Decay make-up! This iridescent eyeshadow is very pigmented and definitely looks different on (as you can see). It’s a pretty color, although I probably won’t use often because I’m more of an earthy tone or classic smokey eye kinda gal when it comes to eyeshadows. Sometimes I do like to change it up though so this is perf. I’m totally a fan of the Urban Decay brand because the quality of their make-up is amazing.

MQ_juneipsy3MQ_juneipsy9Liptini Cream Lip Color in Pinktini

How cute is the name of this brand?! Love it. Personally, I am not a fan of lip products that I have to apply with my finger. The color is a nice, natural pink. It isn’t very moisturizing so if your lips are on the drier side, like mine, apply some lip balm first. As for longevity, the color stayed on for awhile which is always good.

MQ_juneipsy6Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

Omg, this stuff smells so good! It definitely reminds me of the beach so it’s perfect haha. Any way, my hair is actually naturally wavy so when I sprayed this on my damp hair and let it air dry, it totally enhanced my natural waves. It helped control frizz as well. I will definitely being using this product often! It came just in time for summer 🙂

Overall, I’d say it was an okay bag this month. My faves were the nail polish and the beach spray! It’s still always worth the $10 a month to try new beauty products. If you’re thinking about signing up for Ipsy, click here. Currently, there is no waiting list! I had to wait a few weeks before I was able to join so this is great. Here are my past Ipsy reviews on my blog: May, April, and March.

Have a wonderful Tuesday! xo

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