The San Diego County Fair

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again here in San Diego… fair season!!! Whenever the fair opens, I get all the happy feels because it means it’s summer time! It’s my favorite time of the year (after Christmas of course lol) because the weather is perfect for the beach AND my birthday is in August! Btw, I can’t believe I’ll be “29 and feelin’ fine” this year. To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about it… LOL.

Any way, here are some of the pics I took yesterday!

MQ_fair1^ This year’s theme is “Mad About the Fair.” I love how there is a theme every year… so fun!

MQ_fair2^ My hubby Leo AKA Super Dad! Seriously, so thankful for this guy! Couldn’t do #parentlife without him!

MQ_fair3^ We just love our Ergo 360 Baby Carrier! More details about it here in a past post (btw, we had the buttons on the wrong spot for forward facing BUT it’s all figured out now thanks to a few friends who pointed it out after seeing the pictures haha)

MQ_fair4^ Leo has been wearing this hat everyday from the San Diego Hat Company and he’s gotten so many compliments on it!

MQ_fair5MQ_fair6^ My adorable family! From left to right: step-dad, 3 not-so-little sisters, and my mom 🙂

MQ_fair8MQ_fair7MQ_fair10MQ_fair11^ My fashionista sisters shopping at a Native American jewelry booth.

MQ_fair12^ Scarlett’s first ride! Funny story: I saw a mom riding with her toddler just like this so I assumed that’s what you’re supposed to do. Btw, I had the hardest time getting on it lol. The guy going around to make sure our seat belts were fastened gave me the craziest look and told me that only one person can ride on it. My family was dying since I was convincing them that it was normal that the parents ride on it too haha!

MQ_fair13^ I seriously could not handle Scarlett’s face and how happy she was riding on the carousel!

MQ_fair14^ Daddy’s turn to ride with Scarlett!

MQ_fair9^ #dadlife

MQ_fair15^ You bet I had some of this! I love me some funnel cake…

MQ_fair16^ Kool-Aid Hot Wings anyone?!

MQ_fair17^ My sister showing off her deep fried oreos

Have a wonderful weekend!


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