Sinful Colors – “Aquamarine”

MQ_SCblue2MQ_SCblue1Clutch: San Diego Hat Co.

The summer weather is here so I decided to go with a bright blue polish for the week! Isn’t this blue just wow?! The best part about it is the nail polish itself is only about $2! When I first saw how much Sinful Colors nail polishes were, I immediately thought “ok that polish is definitely going to be chipping the next day!” Lol. I mean, why are they so cheap?! Boy, I was so so wrong!

I own a few of their polishes and all of them have applied nicely and stayed on as long as my OPI nail polishes! The price is great for those trendy colors you don’t want to spend a ton on cause you probably won’t wear them a lot. Plus, you won’t feel as guilty buying a few colors haha! All you need is a good base coat and top coat and you’re set for the perfect mani! Check out the ones I use here 🙂

I usually buy Sinful Colors nail polishes at TargetThe Kylie Jenner collection is definitely next on my to-buy list!

7 thoughts on “Sinful Colors – “Aquamarine”

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