Family Beach Day

MQ_beachday2IMG_5962IMG_5983IMG_5961IMG_5973MQ_beachday11MQ_beachday4^ Car Seat: Maxi Cosi

MQ_beachday5MQ_beachday7MQ_beachday3MQ_beachday9MQ_beachday6^ Bag: San Diego Hat Company

MQ_beachday10MQ_beachday12^ Flip Flops: Old Navy


It’s summer time here in San Diego which means it’s time to bum it out at the beach! 🙂 Scarlett has never been there yet until that day so it was super exciting! It brought me such joy to watch her reaction when her feet touched the sand for the first time and when the waves crashed on to her legs. My little sisters and cousins came with us which was super helpful cause we brought Landon too. Let’s just say beach trips are very different now with 2 under 2 haha.

Scarlett had such a blast as you can see in the pictures! I literally had to pull her out of her personal pool her daddy made her in the sand cause it was starting to get chilly. I spent most of the time manning our area and keeping Landon company as he pretty much slept the whole time… #momlife! Lol. Oh and of course, I was taking all the pictures!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! Here’s Scarlett in her 4th of July outfit 🙂

13626513_10101330757178940_2547195996955459539_n.jpgRomper: Old Navy (sold out) – Headband: Baby Gems Boutique


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