Bambo Nature Diapers

MQ_bambo1MQ_bambo2MQ_bambo3Hat: Gap Kids

I always love discovering new baby products that are better for my babies and for the environment! These diapers by Bambo Nature are eco-friendly. TBH, these diapers are the softest ones that I’ve tried. They also looked super comfortable on Scarlett who is constantly on the go.

Fellow mamas, I’m sure you’ve tried those diapers on your babies that are just so stiff but these ones are easily moldable to fit any baby’s body. When I was sent these diapers, I thought they would be like all the other brands we’ve tried but they totally exceeded my expectations! I’ve read reviews online as well and they got some solid, good reviews. The next time you’re running low on diapers, you should definitely purchase some Bambo diapers… you can find them on and Amazon!

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.29.14 PM^ Posted on my Instagram on a lazy Sunday morning 🙂 I can’t with Landon’s face! Lol.

Thanks for stopping by! xo

This post was in collaboration with Bambo Nature. As always, all opinions are my own.70cfd7f3-ec3d-4077-9edd-89286686667a.png

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