My Baby Girl’s First Dance Class


Seriously, I have been counting down this day since I found out I would be having a baby girl! As a dancer myself, I know how beneficial it is to start young. I love knowing that I’m giving her the chance to be the best that she can be. I truly hope she falls in love with dance the same way that I did. 

It was so special to be able to bring her to the studio I taught dance at for 4 years, Royal Academy of Performing Arts here in San Diego. They have expanded and moved to a new location since I last taught but there are still a lot of the same people I use to work with there. Since it’s summer, the classes are a hit or miss with students so Scarlett was lucky enough to have a private lesson with an audience (her daddy and baby bro Landon who slept the entire time in his car seat and my sisters).

*WARNING: There are a TON of pictures!* 


This class is technically a “Mommy & Baby” class but Scarlett insisted on having her daddy participate since she’s such a daddy’s girl!


The scarf entertained her like a minute or 2 then her teacher Ms. Loren had to bust out something else. Lol oh my daughter…


The rose petals were probably her favorite thing to play with the entire class. It was used for arm exercises but Scarlett wanted to do her own thing. I guess that’s a perk of having the whole class to herself haha.


She’s been so obsessed with bubbles so when the teacher, Ms. Loren, gave her a wand, she thought it was to blow bubbles lol.


My heart melted the whole 45 minutes of class… I can’t wait to continue to take her to dance class! Oh of course, I’m looking forward to when she’s old enough to start learning actual technique and dance combinations! When she’s 3 years old, she’ll be able to move up to the next class and will perform with her daddy in the annual recital for the “Daddy & Me” dance! CAN’T. WAIT.

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Scarlett’s Outfit: Onesie: Old Navy – Tutu: Mad Grrl – Ballet Shoes: Bloch

Mama’s Outfit: Top: Free People – Sports Bra: Lululemon – Leggings: Zella – Shoes: Nike – Choker: Vanessa Mooney

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