Summer Weather in October

mq_styles2mq_styles4mq_styles3mq_styles5mq_styles1Dress & Vest: Styles For Less – Shoes: Sam Edelman – Sunglasses (sold out): Nordstrom B.P. – Bag: Target – iPhone Case: CaseApp

This is basically how “Fall” I can get right now with this summer weather in San Diego! Lol. I can’t wait to wear all of my sweaters and boots BUT it’s too darn hot. To compromise, I opted for a midi dress with short sleeves, cardigan vest and my nude lace up sandals. Obviously this outfit was for an outing in the late afternoon when it was a little bit cooler. Let’s be real, I so cannot wear this outfit in scorching 90 somethin’ degree weather during the day. I mean… I can but I’d be a sweaty hot mess haha.

The dress and vest together are under $50 from Styles For Less! Such a steal. In other stores, each piece would be about that much by itself. Unfortunately, I can’t find the vest on the website 😦 And that tote bag from Target is the one I use every day for work. I LOVE IT! It literally can fit my whole life… Lol. No but really, it fits my Macbook Pro, clipboard, notebook, make-up bag and everything else I decide to stuff in it. I love the little front zip pocket where I can store things I need to access a lot, like my phone. I highly recommend this tote for those who like big bags!

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-9-00-13-pm   Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.23.56 AMscreen-shot-2016-10-01-at-8-58-32-pm


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