Taking Family Pictures with 2 Under 2


That picture above  is the best out of like a hundred that we took during our impromptu photo shoot we had the other day. We literally drove by this location on the way to the pumpkin patch and thank goodness, we had my little brother-in-law (who takes a lot of my blog photos btw) with us. That pic was the only one where both kids look somewhat ready for the picture. It’s also within seconds of Scarlett yelling to go down so she can run around like the crazy toddler that she is. Here are a few personal tips I came up with for taking family pictures with littles:

One: Don’t have any expectations. There are so many shots that I want to do but let’s be real with 2 kids under 2, that’s most likely not going to happen. LOL.


Two: As much as possible, make sure all the adults are ready and smiling so that once the kids look at the camera at the same time for a split second then you could get “that shot.”


Three: Have whoever is taking your pictures (in my case, my 10 year old brother-in-law) just click click click away! You are bound to get one shot (out of a million) that you will like 🙂 So make sure you have a memory card that can hold a ton of pictures.


Four: If possible, have another person come that isn’t taking the pictures to get your kids’ attention and try to make them smile/laugh. Since this shoot was random, we didn’t have any one to do that so it was a bit challenging… ok not gonna lie, very challenging. Haha.


Five: Have fun!! As crazy as family photo shoots can get and as stressful as they can be sometimes to get that “one picture,” just remember that you have adorable kids that will make any picture memorable! Some times the candid ones are the best pictures any way.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures:


For my outfit details, click here. For Landon’s, click here. Thanks for reading 🙂 Happy Hump Day!


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