Boots for Toddler Girls


Isn’t this outfit just adorable?! Like… I need that vest in my size! This whole outfit is from Old Navy. I seriously get most of Scarlett’s clothes from there because they carry everything trendy for such affordable prices, plus they’re almost always having a sale!

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken Scarlett’s outfit pictures because it’s been crazy at work but I’m off of work for 2 weeks so I’m back at it! When I was on maternity leave during the summer, we took daily walks where I just took her pictures. She had a great time and I got super cute pics, win-win!

Unfortunately, that faux-fur vest is sold out 😦 I was so excited to share it with you guys! Although, good news is that her boots are on sale for $15! I linked those below plus a few more that I want to get her. Why is everything cuter in toddler size?!



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