Blooming Bath Lotus


One of the many things that I look forward to as a mom is bath time in the evenings. Both Scarlett and Landon enjoy taking baths and I love spending that quality time with them  🙂 Plus I just love snuggling with them after. Fellow mamas, you know you like that “fresh out of the bath” smell right?! It’s the best.

I was lucky enough to be sent a Blooming Bath Lotus and I absolutely love it… and as you can see in the pictures, Landon does too! I just wish I discovered this product sooner. It’s made for sinks but none of the sinks in my condo are big enough to hold my growing 6-month-old so I put it in his 4moms bath tub. It just made his whole bath time experience more comfortable because that lotus is just SO incredibly soft! The four wide petals make it easy to fit into any space.

Scarlett even got to use it during her bath too! She obviously doesn’t like to be contained in a small space anymore so a little baby tub is useless. I used the Blooming Bath Lotus as a tub seat for her and she was shocked at first because she wasn’t used to sitting on something so soft in the tub lol. I literally had to bribe her with a Trolls toy to get her out haha.

Mamas, you guys have to check this out for your little one(s)! They even make the perfect gift. Thanks for stopping by!

*This post was in collaboration with Blooming Bath. As always, all opinions are my own. 70cfd7f3-ec3d-4077-9edd-89286686667a.png

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