I’m Pregnant… Again!


First of all, sorry to all the people I had to lie to in person recently when they asked me “do you want more kids?!” My reply was something like “yes, but it has to be a couple years from now!” Lol. Any way, here’s what made me want to take a pregnancy test…

So I was eating super healthy for 2 weeks straight plus working out with all my dance classes at work (25 minute stretch and strength warm-up) 4 times a day BUT for some reason my stomach was getting bigger! I’m like how in the world??? I’ve been naturally thin before pregnancy and with proper diet and exercise, I was able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight after both babies so I was really confused. If you’re asking about my “time of the month,” I’ve been irregular for about a year after having Scarlett so I didn’t think anything of it when I was late or missed a month.

I took the test and of course it turned out positive. I was shocked and to be honest, had mixed feelings at first. I was thinking things like “aw my poor Landon won’t get a chance to be the baby like he deserves,” “how are we going to handle 3 when 2 gets crazy at times,” and “what is my work going to think cause I’ll have to go on yet another maternity leave?!” etc. etc. My little rant was, by no means, to be disrespectful to those who really want kids but are having a difficult time getting pregnant… these were just legit thoughts that were running through my head at the moment when I found out. 

It took me about a day or two to finally accept it. I just needed all the support from my amazing husband and reminders to myself that children are a blessing from God and that it’s all about His timing. Watching Scarlett and Landon interact more and more every day makes my heart so full and I know giving them another sibling is such a wonderful gift. They will get to grow up really close to each other and experience life’s milestones together since they are all just a little bit more than a year apart. Scarlett will also have 2 brothers to protect her… you know her daddy is thrilled about that. Haha.

…Btw, we literally have to start saving for college, like, NOW!

P.S. Mamas with 3 or more kids… any advice for me?!


7 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant… Again!

  1. I felt the same way when I found out about my third due in August, and we planned for it to happen. We were just surprised how fast it happened because it took a little longer to conceive my other two boys. Still, I will have three boys ages 3 and under and I’m worried I might not be able to handle it (even though I know it’s a ridiculous thought). But my boys are so active and I’m tired and hormonal and I know it won’t change for a while after baby is born. Man, I’ve been pregnant ever single year since 2013. I am happy this is my last time because I don’t have the best pregnancy, but I also try to enjoy it since it is my last time.


    • Hi Denise,

      Glad I’m not the only one!! We definitely wanted a third too but definitely surprised how fast it happened too. I completely feel you. I’m sure you will be fine!! The kids will grow up to be the bestest of friends 🙂


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