Products for Both Mama and Baby


I’m seriously known as the “bag lady,” even before kids I always had a ton of bags of literally everything I “might” need lol. Anyone else like me?! Haha. My family always gets annoyed of me when I go with them on a trip cause they already know to expect that I’ll have a ton of things with me. Now with 2 kids (well, soon it’ll be 3)… it’s been taken to the extreme. Obviously, clothes are a given but as far as health and beauty products, there’s always one for me and one for the babies.

I’m so glad Babo Botanicals sent me their natural and hypoallergenic lotion and 3-in-1 wipes that are for both mamas and babies. They smell AMAZING too! I spend so much money on baby hand & face wipes, as well as wipes for me, so this is a lifesaver. A major plus is knowing that there aren’t a ton of chemicals in them that could be harmful to little ones and knowing that the products I’m using on myself are safe enough for babies.

I’ve been using the lotion on Scarlett and Landon right after I bathe them and it leaves their skin feeling silky smooth. I give them baths in the evening before bedtime so the lavender scent is perfect for calming them (and myself) down lol. If you’re like me and every outing with the kids looks like you’re going on a mini vacation OR just looking for amazing new products for you and/or your little one, check Babo Botanicals out! They have  a ton of awesome products that I’ll have to try 🙂

*This post was in collaboration with Babo Botanicals. As always, all opinions are my own.


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