My Newest Obsession

MQ_lipsense1Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 3.40.23 PM^ 1 layer Hazelunut + 1 layer Caramel Latte + Glossy Gloss

I’ve heard about LipSense awhile ago. I’ve seen videos of women wearing their products and rubbing their lips to prove that their lip color won’t smudge and will stay on. I mean it looked legit so I’ve been really wanting to try it out! I was so excited that Chante Fox from My Kiss & Tell sent me a lip color and gloss to try.

I started off Caramel Latte and Glossy Gloss and after one day of trying it, I had to get more so I got Hazelnut, Raisin and Matte Gloss. Honestly, I think I made a great selection because I’ve been mixing those 3 colors for a couple months and I’m still loving what I come up with 🙂 It’s so awesome that you are able to mix colors, especially when you’re just wanting a tint of a certain color.

IMG_7504^ 1 layer Hazelnut + 1 layer Raisin + Glossy Gloss

I work full-time so it’s nice to put on my lip color in the morning before work and then… well, that’s it actually. Lol. I only have to put it on once a day. After that, you just apply the gloss throughout the day to keep your lips moisturized. I’m obsessed and I literally have been neglecting all my other lipsticks. You know I’m a fan if my MAC lipsticks are collecting dust, haha. I can’t wait to add to my LipSense collection!

If you’re dying to try it out, reach out to Chante Fox from My Kiss & Tell and let her know I sent you!

P.S. When you want to go for a matte look and use the Matte Gloss, you have to put on the Glossy Gloss FIRST for moisture then after a little while, put on the Matte. I didn’t know this at first and I put the Matte Gloss right on top of the lip color and let me just tell you… not cute.

*This post was in collaboration with My Kiss & Tell. As always, all opinions are my own.


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