Mom Life is the Best Life

MamaQueenSoonMaternityTop & Jeans: Soon Maternity – Shoes: Old Navy (similar)

I’m sure my fellow mamas out there can agree with me 100% when I say that life before becoming a mom is a different kinda life that you can easily forget about. Even though I am constantly sleep deprived (which I’ve accepted that it’s going to be that way for a really, really long time), dealing with a toddler who is well into her terrible twos (how is it possible that she’s been in this stage since she was one-year-old), chasing around an infant who just started walking and anticipating the arrival of a newborn who will be making his debut in just a couple months… I wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world. The fact that I can share this life with my husband is a major plus too because he really puts in the time to be a wonderful husband and father. By the way, we will be celebrating 4 1/2 years of marriage next week as well 🙂 But… that’s for a separate post.

IMG_8397^The moment Scarlett met Landon for the first time. Can’t believe he will be one-year-old in a few weeks! *insert a million heart eyes emojis here*

In honor of my 2nd Mother’s Day, I wanted to share my some of my favorite things about this Mom Life:

I love…

  1. that no matter how tired I am, seeing my children after work somehow gives me instant energy. And I could be having the worst day ever but my children’s smiles and kisses always make me feel better.
  2. watching them grow and learn new things every day. It’s amazing to see their little personalities develop. Scarlett and Landon are complete opposites. Scarlett is super outgoing and quite the entertaining character like her Daddy and Landon is more on the chill side like me… LOL. I’d have to admit that Scarlett does get her sassy side and attitude from me… oops.
  3. providing for them. As a full-time working mom, the mom guilt is so real but knowing that I can provide them with what they need and more (while doing something I love) makes me so fulfilled.
  4. trying to be a better person because of them. Before being a mom, all I thought about was myself but now that I have little people that depend on me, it pushes me to a better person every day.
  5. being entertained by them. They bring so much joy into my life and always make me laugh! Sometimes Scarlett says and does things that I’m like wtheck… where did you learn that?! Lol. At the moment, Landon loves to gives kisses followed with a strong slap in the face… total boy!
  6. being called ‘Mama’ by them and getting random hugs and kisses which reassure me that, though I am not a perfect mom and never will be, my kids love me no matter what! Right now, my husband is a bit salty towards me cause both kids are super attached to me and not gonna lie, I am soaking it all in 🙂

To all my fellow mamas and mamas-to-be… cheers to you! I hope that you are all spoiled this weekend. Happy early Mother’s Day!!!


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