30 Weeks Bumpdate + Landon’s Birthday

MQ_30weeek1MQ_30weeek2MQ_30weeek5^Dress: Forever 21 – Shoes: JustFab

Omg, I can’t believe I hit the 30 week mark in my pregnancy! In about 10 weeks or so, we will officially become a family of FIVE (plus our 2 doggies). Insane. I am so excited though but a little nervous of course! Not much has changed from last week’s bumpdate except that everything that I was already feeling turned up a notch… especially my feet hurting after standing for awhile. Thankfully, I didn’t get any middle-of-the-night leg cramps this week though! 

Scarlett kind of understand that there’s a baby in my belly. I mean, she says there’s a baby in there and kisses my belly but I don’t know if she actually believes it lol. Landon, on the other hand, has no clue… speaking of Landon! He turned ONE yesterday!
Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.55.41 AMScreen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.57.03 AM

I still can’t believe that he’s been gracing us with his presence for a whole year. His birthday party (lumberjack themed) is in a couple weeks but of course, we still had to celebrate his actual birthday. We went to the San Diego County Fair for an evening of fun with my husband’s side of the family.  We go every year and last year, Landon was only a few weeks old so it was nice to see him actual enjoy looking at everything.


He is becoming more and more independent yet still attached to me at times. He sure keeps this 30 week preggo mama on her toes which I don’t mind cause I am inhaling donuts like no one’s business… *shoutout to my husband for all the donut runs for me!* haha!

Excuse me while I go run to the kitchen and grab a Krispy Kreme donut from Leo’s donut run last night 🙂 Happy Monday!

P.S. I’m pretty obsessed with these taupe sneakers from JustFab! They’r sold out in the common sizes 😦 Here is a pair that are on sale and look exactly like them… and here are similar ones I love.


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