You, Me, Matcha

Holy Matcha_4Holy Matcha_3Holy Matcha

Ok if you’re in the San Diego area, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Holy Matcha in North Park already… and if not, where have you been?! Lol jk. But no really, this place has been the talk of the town since they’ve opened and based on the pictures above, can you see why? It’s like a bloggers’ dream… from the marble tables, pink and green color scheme and the adorable presentation of their drinks and food. It’s totally the place to capture the perfect Instagram post! Lol.

Holy Matcha_5

I’m sure this place can get crowded during the prime time hours of the weekday evenings and obviously the weekends so I went during a lunch break with my coworker, Shana (who had to take my husband’s role of Instagram Husband haha). We went around 11am on a Thursday and there were a good amount of people but it wasn’t packed. There were only a couple people ahead of us in line and there were open seats. I was stoked haha.

Holy Matcha_2

I got the iced matcha horchata (two of my favorite things in the world mixed together in one drink). I loved it! It wasn’t too sweet and the touch of cinnamon was perfection. I also got the strawberry gluten free donut and for a “healthy” donut it was pretty darn good! The matcha donut was my coworkers and she said it was delish FYI.

Overall, this place is suuuuper cute and the drink and donut I tried were so yummy! Would I wait in line outside during a busy weekend day? Probably not, but I would definitely stop by again during their less busy hours on a weekday! If you’re in San Diego, you have to go at least once to try it out (and get that cliché picture for your IG, duh).

Thanks for stopping by! Happy almost Friday! 🙂


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