Landon’s Lumberjack Themed Party

Lumberjack Theme BirthdayLumberjack Cake

^ Cake: Sweet as Bliss (owned by my good friend, Tara, who was a Cupcake Wars finalist btw)  – Cake Topper & Birthday Crown: Fetes & Fables (amazing quality and the owner, Jess, is so sweet)

The photos above were taken a couple weeks before his actual party. As most mamas know, having a photo session with a baby or toddler can go either way so you gotta just go with the flow. Lol. In my case, Landon would not stay standing, didn’t want to smile and kept grabbing the lantern and putting it on top of the smash cake lol.

Here’s photos from the party we held at our house…

Lumberjack Welcome Table^ Everyone got a kick out of our welcome table… lol. Thank you Pinterest!

Lumberjack Sweets Table_5Lumberjack Chalkboard^ My cousin made this, she will be opening an Etsy shop soon but if you’re interested in a custome theme chalkboard (digital file)… e-mail me at!

Lumberjack Tier Cake^Cake: Deanna’s Cakery & Sweets (everyone was obsessed with this cake my mom ordered from her friend)

Lumberjack Sweets Table_4^ Looking back at the sweets table, I wish I had time to make or order a backdrop!

Lumberjack Pancake Cake^Cake: Deanna’s Cakery & Sweets (everyone was in awe that Landon’s smash cake looked exactly like a stack of pancakes)

Lumberjack Pancake Cake_1Lumberjack Pancake Cake_2Lumberjack

Overall, I thought Landon’s Lumberjack themed party was pretty successful! Special shoutout to all our guests who came with their flannels in 90 degree weather. We had the AC blasting but since more and more people kept coming, it just wasn’t cooling down. Landon ended up being in his diaper most of the time until the early evening lol. Planning parties are no joke and as much fun as they are, they are so stressful when you’re the one hosting it! I hope Landon will be able to look back at all the photos one day and know that he is truly loved.


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