First Haircuts

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So Leo and I finally decided it was time to get Landon’s first haircut! Scarlett has never gotten a haircut either and though, she didn’t really NEED one just yet, we thought it would be a fun experience to have them done together. It was definitely bittersweet because we just LOVE and adore Landon’s curls but it’s starting to get out of control and the summer heat is ridiculous. For their first ever hair cuts, we took them to Little Locks in La Jolla, CA.

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The Little Locks salon is super cute and obviously so kid-friendly. We showed up later than our scheduled appointment (because… 2 kids lol) but they were still able to fit us in if we waited a little. The receptionist, Melanie, was very sweet and helpful. The kids didn’t mind waiting at all because there were so many toys to play with and ones for sale for them to look at. Oh and they also sell hair products and accessories. Talk about a one stop shop! I loved how bright and welcoming everything was in there too.

When it’s time for the hair cut, the kids get to sit in toy cars while watching a movie that’s projected onto the mirror… so awesome!

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Scarlett was up first (her choice)! She literally jumped in the toy car, which is so similar to the one we have at home btw. She was such a good girl and listening to the hairstylist Marisela’s directions. I was definitely a proud mama! Since I want to grow her hair longer, we just evened out her hair with a straight cut and got about an inch chopped off. I love how Marisela styled it with a braid and added glitter. Scarlett even got to choose a ribbon 🙂

Little Locks 23Little Locks 24

Little Locks 27

Next up was Landon boy! They gave him an iPad to play with but poor boy doesn’t know how to work one just yet and was more interested in the bright orange case… lol. Since his hair cut was on the drastic side, it definitely took longer so he got impatient in the toy car after awhile which is why you see him sitting on Leo’s lap haha. I literally was contemplating my decision of cutting off his curls when I saw them falling to the ground BUT the end result is too darn cute! Leo and I were very happy with how it turned out and apparently so were the kids!

Little Locks 37

Little Locks 42Little Locks 45^Landon was done with pictures and was ready for a nap at this point lol. 

I still can’t believe how different my Landon looks! His haircut has seriously made him look like such a big boy! Yes I do miss the curls but thank goodness, I have a million pictures of him with his adorable curly hair 🙂

Little Locks 28Little Locks 35Little Locks 44

Thank you Little Locks for having us… we couldn’t have asked for a better experience at for our kids’ first haircuts! We even got a memorable certificate with some of their hair… how special! I literally had to bribe and carry Scarlett out of the salon because she wanted to stay and play more haha. We will definitely be back when the kids need haircuts again… If you are in the San Diego area and are looking for a salon to take your kids too, I highly recommend Little Locks! For more information, check out their Facebook page here.

*This post was in collaboration with Little Locks. As always, all opinions are my own.


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