Pool Day

catandjack3^ Scarlett’s Swimsuit: Cat and Jack – Landon’s Swimming Trunks: Cat and Jack

You guys, it is SO hot in San Diego… especially where we live in Poway since it’s more inland and the kids are loving it! Surprisingly with being 34 weeks pregnant, it’s not too bad for me, maybe because I expected it to be super dreadful lol. Any way, we had our first pool day of the summer this past weekend and it was so much fun! I just can’t with baby swimsuits… well, anything baby sized really haha. The Target section gets me every time. I mean… Cat and Jack! Ugh too cute. For you fellow mamas, I rounded up some super cute swimsuits that I just want to add to Scarlett and Landon’s collection. Enjoy!


Toddler Swimsuits


Which one your fave?! I’m obsessed with #2 and #7 πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful Thursday! It’s almost Fri-yay!!!

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