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lfieseasonsblogIf there’s something that I’ve realized the importance of, as I’m getting older, it’s supplements. For me, as a mom of almost 3 little kids plus working full-time… I constantly need more energy to get through my day, vitamins to help me look refreshed (keyword: look), and something natural to help me finally relax at night after going 100mph.

I got to try natural supplements specifically for the things I mentioned by LifeSeasons. I’ve been using them for a couple weeks now (after I got approval from my OB of course) and I’ve definitely seen and felt a difference!


Ok, if you’ve followed my blog or Instagram for awhile, you should know by now that I am OBSESSED with coffee. I love the feeling I get after and obviously the taste BUT I hate the crash. My husband and I have been taking this after eating breakfast and it’s amazing that I do get the same feeling I get from coffee but it lasts all day long without the crash. My husband is not much of a coffee drinker so he is just loving these! The two main key ingredients are coffee bean extract and green tea. For more information on the Energy supplements… click here!



Ladies, you need to get on this! I’ve just been taking these for a couple weeks and my hair, skin and nails have already been looking and feeling healthier. I mean, people could argue that it’s the pregnancy glow but I know my skin and it’s definitely looking smoother and feeling firmer. I even got my husband to take these because why wouldn’t guys want healthier hair, skin and nails too?! I’ve taken Biotin supplements before but I love that this one by LifeSeasons adds other key ingredients… Seriously, I’m obsessed. Click here for more info!



This one has been a lifesaver during my last week of work before going on Maternity Leave. By the end of the night, when the kids are finally asleep, my mind starts to go crazy thinking about what I should be doing and what needs to be done the next day. This has helped me relax and eventually doze off into a deep slumber. I was always hesitant to try “sleeping pills” but the fact that the ingredients that LifeSeasons use for the Rest-ZZZ are natural, it’s definitely worry-free. I haven’t used it ever since I’ve been on Maternity Leave but my husband has and he’s been sleeping more like a baby than usual! LOL. For more info, click here!

You guys have to check LifeSeasons out… they offer 28 supplements including the 3 that I’m using. You are bound to find one that you need for yourself! I’m going to need to get the Metabolism one for when I’m cleared to workout and lose all the baby weight šŸ™‚ What’s also great is that if you subscribe, you get 15% off the supplements every time you order PLUS Free Shipping! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram too!

*This post was sponsored by LifeSeasons. As always, all opinions are my own.


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