Nail Products You Need For Your DIY Mani


First of all, Happy Labor Day (and #manimonday)!

As much as it would be nice to go to a nail salon and get a gel mani done (they last 2 weeks), I prefer to do my own because I get tired of wearing the same nail color after awhile AKA like 5 days. Haha. Plus, I am a perfectionist so I like to make sure my manicures are up to my standard. I have quite the collection of nail polishes too, over 100! I have two of this nail polish organizer from Amazon to keep them organized in my closet.

Any way, I wanted to share the products that I use for my DIY mani’s at home… I’ve been using all of these products for years! Fun fact: if a product really works for me, I am a loyal customer! Lol. I’ve tried many brands and I’ve been doing my own nails since high school (for reference, I just turned 30 haha) so you can trust me! I always get compliments and questions on my manicures and I actually shared what I do step by step here… it was my very first blog post!


Cuticle Remover: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

Okay, so I’ve been using the blue kind that you can see in my picture above BUT I tried searching for it online and it’s no where to be found. Strange because I just got a new tube from Target a couple months ago. I did find this new version of it. I wonder if they discontinued the blue one?! If so, I’d definitely switch to this one since it’s most likely really similar.

Nail File: OPI Lacquer Edge

You’re probably wondering, is it really necessary to use an OPI nail file which probably costs triple the amount of a regular one?! And the answer is YES! I’ve tried different brands but this one is just amazing. You’ll have to try it for yourself! The other files give me that ‘nails on a chalkboard’ feeling sometimes (weird, I know) but this file by OPI never does and it lasts awhile. It does a really good job at filing a nail down too!

Base Coat: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

This is my fave base coat! It fills any nail ridges so that the nail polish can go on smoothly and my manicures have lasted longer after I started using this.

Top Coat: Seche Vite Quick Dry Fast Top Coat

I’ve been using this top coat since college and I haven’t found one that can compete with its extreme shine and how fast it dries! I switched over to a different top coat a couple years ago because it made my mani last longer but I switched back to this because it makes my mani look like a gel mani… so shiny! It dries super fast too, you will love it!

Cuticle Oil: CND Solar Oil and Cuticle Conditioner

This keeps my cuticle area moisturized which makes a mani looking fresh longer. I simply put this on my cuticles before going to sleep, let it soak all night and then wake up to super soft cuticles!

Cuticle Lotion: CND Cuticle Eraser

This is a must have! I keep this in my purse and whenever my cuticles need some extra love during the day, I just put this on. It’s a lotion so it absorbs faster than the oil. This product is so good that it’s currently out of stock at Ulta because they said it’s “crazy popular.” I couldn’t find it anywhere online but I usually get mine in person at a store called Empire Beauty Supply (for all my fellow San Diegans)!

P.S. I created a Pinterest board of my nail swatches and will continue to add to it… Click here! 🙂

*I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.


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