Dermalogica’s New PreCleanse Balm


I always love when Dermalogica sends me their products to try! I have been a fan of their products since I first found out about it years ago… they are definitely quality and worth every dollar (even though they are pricey).

This is their new PreCleanse Balm that comes with a double-sided cleansing mitt to provide mild exfoliation (love)! So before you wash your face with your cleanser, you put some of the PreCleanse Balm onto the cleansing mitt or directly on your hand, massage onto your skin in a circular motion, add water to emulsify, then rinse! Now your face is prepped for your regular facial cleanser.


You’re probably wondering “what’s the point of a PreCleanse,” right? Lol. Well here are the benefits of this product: removes excess oil, sunscreen, make-up and pollutants (San Diego has a ton), dissolves buildup, and smoothes, calms and nourishes the skin.

My face felt even cleaner than it usually does after adding this to my daily skincare routine! You should definitely try it. It comes in a travel size for $15 😉 I always love opting for the travel size if there’s a product I really want to try and I don’t want to break the bank. Haha.

Happy almost-Friday! xo

*I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.70cfd7f3-ec3d-4077-9edd-89286686667a.png

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