Working Out Postpartum

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I’m almost 6 weeks postpartum and currently on Week 2 of a workout program called BBG (Bikini Body Guide)… it’s totally kicking my butt! Being a dancer pretty much my whole life and being a past fitness instructor and dance team coach, I have always pushed myself to my limit when it comes to working out. Modifying an exercise was never an option but let me just tell you, there is nothing more humbling than working out after you’ve had a baby. Trust me, I’ve been through it 3 times in 3 years. The first few weeks of getting back in the fitness groove is tough!

I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself because my body literally just grew a tiny human being for 9 months. I can’t just expect my body to pick up right where it was before I got pregnant. I was able to lose all of my pregnancy weight both times after giving birth to Scarlett & Landon and I plan to do the same this time around but patience is key, especially when breastfeeding.

BBG is awesome since I’m able to work out at home and whenever I’m able to squeeze in the time, whether it be in the morning or super late at night. Somehow the kids always find me while I’m working out and it makes it harder to focus. TBH, I try to find a million reasons to stop working out but I have to continue to tell myself to keep going even though I end up doing modifying my push-ups on my knees.

If you are a fellow postpartum mama, here are a few things to remember when you’re trying to get back into shape:

1) Modify the exercises that you just can’t do right now: Yes, you want to challenge yourselves but not too much, modify the exercise(s) when needed.
2) Listen to your body: Take breaks when you need them and drink that water to stay hydrated.
3) Push through: You will want to try to find excuses to stop but keep going even if you felt like you modified every single exercise. The fact that you are staying active is important

Some common things that run through my mind when I’m working out are “I can’t do this,” “this is too hard,” “what’s the point since I’m modifying everything,”…Just know that you gotta start somewhere and you’ll always feel better after the workout!

Well, the kids are actually about to nap so I gotta squeeze my workout in NOW! Happy Thursday! xo


One thought on “Working Out Postpartum

  1. Looking good Raina. Great information and choices πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ™. Kisses 😘 and hugs πŸ€— your babies πŸ‘Ά ❀️.


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