First of all, isn’t this custom bar necklace from Speakable.co just so cute?! I love bar necklaces because they’re simple and are super cute additions to any outfit. What I love more are custom ones because they add some meaning to the piece of jewelry. What you see here is my wedding date in roman numerals, which is 11/17/2012. You can get your own custom bar necklace for 20% from Speakable.co by using code “raina20” at checkout! They come in different sizes and the holidays are right around the corner too πŸ˜‰ perfect time to stock up on presents!

Any way, I can’t believe Leo and I will be married for 5 years this coming November! And because that anniversary post will most likely be about our relationship… I thought why not share 10 random fun facts about our wedding! Here you go…

  1. I had an ugly cry/low-key panic attack before our wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding because I was so stressed! We had to push the rehearsal a whole hour back and Leo had to text everyone to let them know NOT to contact the bridezilla and to contact him instead.
  2. We had almost 400 guests expected to be at our wedding (Filipino families).
  3. Our dogs walked down the aisle BUT I forgot their outfits at home! I was so bummed but I’m just glad they got to be a part of our big day.
  4. We had 26 people in our wedding party. Nope, not a typo, you read that right… 26! Leo had 13 groomsmen and I had 13 bridesmaid. Out of that, I had 3 maids of honor and he had 3 best men. Yeah… we’re extra lol.
  5. We decided we wanted to say our own vows. My vows: 5 minutes. Leo’s: 20 minutes. Lol. If you know us personally, I am very straight to the point and Leo is quite the story teller. His vows were the sweetest though πŸ™‚
  6. Our entire wedding party learned a dance the night before at the hotel for our flash mob entrance to “Get Outta Your Mind” Haha.
  7. We had life size cardboard cutouts of us in our wedding outfits made for our guests to take pictures with.
  8. I forgot our cake topper at home! Before Leo and I made our grand entrance as husband and wife, my aunt runs out asking where the cake topper was so she can put it on the cake. I freaked out and realized I left it at home. I was bummed for about a minute especially because I searched high and wide for the perfect cake topper on Etsy haha. I’m over it now… kinda. πŸ˜›
  9. The First Dance was meaningful BUT also awkward because everyone was just watching us and we just kept talking about how awkward it was and giggling because we didn’t know what to do. We initially planned on a Samba routine but sadly we couldn’t get to it 😦
  10. We ate at In-N-Out after our wedding with some of our wedding party …in our wedding attire! Lol. Good times.

TIPS for the bride-to-be’s: You can never be too prepared! Save yourself what I went through (#1 on the list lol) and plan as far in advance as possible and triple check (better year, quadruple check) everything. Be open to having at least ONE thing go wrong. And lastly, don’t forget the whole reason for the event… it’s easy to get caught in the actual wedding itself but remember, it’s to celebrate the love you have with your significant other ❀

weddinginnout^ Here’s us at In-N-Out right after our wedding! I had to scroll down for like 5 minutes straight on my Sister-in-Law’s Instagram to find this gem haha.Β 

If you want to see some of our wedding photos by our photographer, click here! Thanks for stopping by xo

*Thank you Speakable.co for my custom bar necklace!


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