The Best Nail Polishes for Fall


Ok ladies, these are my absolute fave nail polish colors for Fall!! I’m glad I have 11 because I will be rotating these polishes all season long! You’re welcome 🙂 Lol. Here you go (in no specific order):

Click on them for a swatch!

  • OPI – My Private Jet: Ok, I know I said this is in no specific order but this is my FAVE one for Fall and it’s one that I wear any season. It’s like a really dark gray (almost black) with tiny sparkles. You need this!
  • OPI – Warm Me Up: Similar to My Private Jet but has more of a brownish tint and minus the sparkles.
  • OPI – Wooden Shoe Like to Know?: Such a pretty light brown with sparkles. This would look great on any skin tone.
  • OPI – Under the Mistletoe: My fave one to wear in December! It’s the perfect deep red with glitter but the glitter isn’t too in your face. Love this one!
  • Zoya – Payton: This one is like a disco ball on your nails. I love wearing this when I want more of a bold color on my nails. It’s a burgundy color with tons of colorful glitter. In the shade, the glitter is barely seen unless you look up close but in light, WOW!
  • Essie – Smokin’ Hot: My fave gray-ish polish! It has a hint of purple and it goes on super creamy and opaque!
  • OPI – Lincoln After Dark: This is my go-to black polish! Everyone needs a black polish in their collection and this formula is perf.
  • Sinful Colors – Navy I Do: Super dark navy blue… obsessed! Best part? Only $2!
  • OPI – Vampsterdam: This color is SO pretty and SO Fall. It’s a deep purply burgundy.
  • Ulta – Plum Street: The perfect burgundy polish!
  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White: Just like a black polish, white can be worn all year round so you already know, I’ll have some white nails this season!

Alright, well there ya go! I’m always open to new nail polishes though. What are your fave ones for Fall?! Let me know in the comments then I’ll probably head over to a beauty supply store to grab them lol.

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