Target Trip


I seriously lost count of how many times I went to Target during my Maternity Leave! Lol. When I was pregnant, I used the excuse of going to “walk the baby out” and now it’s to get some “me time” even though I usually have a kid or 2 with me LOL. I’m sure we all are guilty of buying so much more stuff than what we came in to Target for and I have your solution… bring a carseat with you and place it in the cart! Seriously, you won’t have room for anything lol.

All jokes aside though, this Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock has been a lifesaver! I tried it for the first time this week and it has been a game changer. I wish I had it with my first 2 babies!  It’s super portable and so easy to put on a cart. Liam felt like he was cradled and looked so comfortable. Not only was I able to see him at all times but I had room for everything on my grocery list… whew!


They fit most shopping carts and they come in super cute prints too! It’s only $40 and totes worth it. What’s great too is if your baby is sound asleep in their car seat and you want them to stay asleep at the store… the hammock can actually hold your car seat too (up to 50 pounds)!! It’s a win-win, your baby stays asleep but you don’t lose cart space. Woohoo!

Get 10% off your order here! Not to mention, they make great gifts for mamas!

*This post was sponsored by Binxy Baby. As always, all opinions are my own.


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