5 Years of Marriage

Wow, exaclty 5 years ago today Leo and I got married! It’s so crazy to think that 5 years have gone by already… I mean, time does fly when you’re having fun AND adding a baby to your family every year for the past 3 years haha. Looking back at our wedding photo next to our most recent family photo with our 3 kids brings me so much joy and it makes my heart is so full! I’m SO thankful to have an amazing husband and 3 beautiful kids who I can’t imagine life without.

Our marriage isn’t perfect, no relationship is, BUT I am very proud to say that we do work on bettering our marriage every day. In honor of our wedding anniversary, Leo and I sat down last night and talked about marriage tips that we can share after having 5 years of experience 🙂

  1. Be nice to each other. As simple as that sounds, it does take some effort on those days where you’re just not in the mood and in my case, when I’m “hangry” or extremely sleep deprived haha. Being nice just goes a long way and thinking before you speak can prevent an unnecessary argument.
  2. Communicate. I can be the first one to admit that I tend to hint things or expect Leo to know what I’m feeling or what I want him to do but it’s always better to communicate directly so there’s no misunderstanding.
  3. Don’t sweep things under the rug. If there are things that are bothering you, talk about them when you both are in a good mood. Work toward fixing whatever issues you may have so that you both can be truly happy.
  4. Know your own weaknesses/flaws. Leo and I know exactly what our weaknesses are and what we need to work on personally. We try to help each other be the better version of ourselves by working on strengthening our weaknesses.
  5. Make time for each other. This is so important especially when you have a baby. It’s easy to give all your effort to your children but you can’t forget about each other. It doesn’t have to be a date night somewhere (even though that would be nice) but even if it’s just setting a time at the end of the day to talk and update each other about your day is perfect.
  6. Take time for yourself. You need to spend time to do things you love to do and what makes you happy. Taking care of yourself first will help you be a better spouse and parent.
  7. Change things up. It’s so easy to get stuck in a schedule, especially with kids, but do something spontaneous every now and then.
  8. Apologize. When you’re at fault, rather than being defensive, admit you were wrong and apologize.
  9. It’s all about the little things. Do something for your spouse that they normally do for themselves like wake up earlier to make their coffee or when you know that they’re extra tired one day, do the rest of the chores at home so they can unwind.
  10. Always remember the person you fell in love with. Life happens and people change as you go through life experiences but don’t forget the reason why you fell in love with them in the first place.

Those are the Top 10 we came up with after having 5 years of marriage experience. Let me know some more marriage tips that I didn’t list. I would love to hear them, especially from those of you have been married longer!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Friday!! xo


2 thoughts on “5 Years of Marriage

  1. 11. Say, “I love you”. Say it every day, and say it often. Both know it, both need to hear it, and both need to say it.
    12. When you give an, “I love you”, don’t expect one in return; and don’t be disappointed if you don’t get one. Give an, “I love you” with no strings attached.
    13. Kiss often. Greet each other with a kiss, say goodbye with a kiss, kiss when you bump into each other in the kitchen, while you’re sitting on the couch, any time you are close.
    14. Read the Bible (out loud) and pray together every day; and share your personal struggles.
    15. Keep a list on your phone, of what your spouse tells you they like. This really comes in handy at gift giving time. A thoughtful gift is a perfect gift.
    10 years of marriage experience…


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