Smilo Baby Products


I love discovering new baby brands that work for my kids! Smilo Baby sent me their Small Gift Bundle for Liam and I was immediately obsessed when I received it! The packaging was so cute and I could tell right away that the products were amazing quality. I got 3 large baby bottles, 2 medium flow nipples, a bottle cleaner brush, 3 stage 1 pacifiers, 3 stage 2 pacifiers and an extremely soft baby blanket. What’s even better is that their products were made by parents who are also doctors, scientists and engineers so they know exactly what babies need/like!


Ok first let’s talk about their baby bottles… I love their simple design and that there aren’t a million pieces to clean! Liam latched on to their medium flow nipple with no problem and his feeding time was fuss-free (thank goodness). Their bottle sets even come in purple and teal… so cute! The bottle brush is a great accessory to have as well because it cleaned the bottle easily.


The Smilo Baby pacifiers have been a lifesaver! Liam has been teething and so fussy. He has been using the popular Philips Avent Soothie pacifier but he’s been refusing for the past few weeks. I gave him the Stage 1 pacifier to try and he loved it! I was surprised it wasn’t constantly falling out too. What’s great is that they also sent me their Stage 2 pacifiers that I will probably transition Liam to soon since he’s 3 months. They even have Stage 3 pacifiers for babies who are 9 months and older! So awesome.


Mamas, you gotta check out Smilo Baby! Their products are perfect for your growing baby because they come in different stages that are perfect for your baby’s development. Not to mention, their bundles make the perfect gift for any mama or mama-to-be. They even come with an extremely soft baby blanket! Scarlett loves blankies so when she saw and felt the Smilo Baby blanket, she instantly claimed it for herself lol. I mean I wouldn’t blame her… I wish it came in adult size! Haha.

*Thank you Smilo Baby for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.


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