Winter in San Diego Be Like…

vibeco3vibeco2vibeco5-1vibeco1vibeco4-1Top: Vibe Apparel Co. – Pants: Old Navy – Shoes: Merona – Bag: BP (similar)- Watch: DW

So this is what winter looks like in San Diego… it’s still looking like Fall but I ain’t complaining because look how gorgeous the trees look! This past week has been so hot during the day and SO cold at night (East Coast peeps can argue with me though about that haha). Any way, I am loving this Bell Sleeve Top from Vibe Apparel Co. Bell sleeves are so in right now and super cute, especially when there’s 3 layers! Obsessed. Know what’s even better? It’s ONLY $16! Such. A. Steal.

Ladies, you gotta check out their online store, there are so many adorable pieces AND they don’t break the bank!

Happy almost Friday! Thanks for stopping!

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