Staying Hydrated with Ello Products


Omg you guys, my whole family (with the exception of Liam… thank goodness) has been sick all weekend! Thank goodness we are on the verge of getting better but it was not fun! One of the main important things when you’re sick is to stay hydrated of course so I’m glad Ello Products sent their awesome water bottles for each of us! What I love the most, besides how they look, is that they’re clean, safe, and toxin free. Major plus for this mama. Scarlett is just obsessed with hers that has a soft straw that pops out when you press the button haha.


My husband and I loved this gray glass water bottle but I got the dibs on it, duh! Haha. There’s just something about glass bottles that make water taste better… lol I’m so serious. I love the cover it has too because it makes it easy to grip! I definitely kept this bottle filled up with water and by my side at all times to make sure I stayed hydrated while I was sick. It was super helpful and I’m almost 100% better… whew!

P.S. You definitely need an Ello water bottle in your life… they’re available at Target too! OH click here to shop my workout leggings… obsessed!

*This post was in collaboration with Ello. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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