Hello 2018!


Happy New Year!!! 2017 was such a memorable year and my most favorite memory would have to be when my little Liam was born 🙂 As much as it’s important to set new goals for yourself throughout the year, there’s just something about starting fresh on a brand new year, am I right?! Leo and I were sharing all of our new year’s resolutions with each other last night and gave each other permission to hold each other accountable, which helps so much in reaching goals! I have a few on my list like being more organized (mom duties, work, blog, etc.) and working out (of course haha) but I wanted to share my #1 resolution for 2018… it’s to be more present.

I could be the first to admit that as a lifestyle blogger, it’s hard to balance blog life and real life. A lot of times I find myself updating my Instagram to see how many more new likes I got on a post and trying to engage with other accounts to continue to grow mine. It’s crazy! I LOVE blogging and it’s been such a great creative outlet for me but it’s definitely a challenge to turn that mindset off sometimes.


I’m so glad to have received the book “Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist in last month’s Faithbox! It arrived a couple weeks ago and I was thrilled because I knew that being more present is my #1 resolution for this upcoming year. I’m not done with the whole book yet but so far, so good. I’m learning to try to not be so controlling of situations, be more acceptable to change, and to go with the flow more which are all good things to apply in my life because usually I’m not a fan of when things don’t go my way haha.


I also found this amazing app that will help me with my New Year’s resolution of being more present… it’s called Forest. Basically, you log into the app and set a timer for how long you don’t want to touch your phone and during that time, a tree/plant will be planting and once it’s fully grown that means you completed the time that you set for yourself. I love this so much because as a blogger, it’s so easy to get addicted to social media. Blogger or not though, you need this app! It’s awesome for when you want to get things done without the temptation of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or when you just want to be present at family functions without the distraction of your phone. You’re welcome! 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful NYE and an even better year ahead. Here’s to making 2018 the best year yet! What are some of your resolutions?! I want to know in the comments! xo


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