Happy 3rd Birthday, Scarlett Rae!


3 years ago today, my life changed forever… I officially became a mommy. I remember being excited and nervous all at the same time. My life no longer consisted of just caring for myself, Leo and our doggies, rather we now had a little human being who was under our care and who would impact all of our decisions from then on. Scarlett showed her sassy personality right away (fussy as newborns can get) and she already knew what she wanted right away, like nap all day and stay up all night (specifically 3 – 7am haha).


I’m typing this post about her and she’s right next to me and it’s so crazy to think that she’s been in my life for 3 years now and it’s truly hard to imagine how life was without her. I still remember the first time I held her and how I felt a different type of love that I never knew existed. She has grown into such a smart and spunky 3-year-old beside me who I love spending time with, having funny conversations with and sharing special moments with.

In honor Scarlett’s birthday, I want to share a bunch some random things about her:

  1. She says the darnest things. When Leo and I talk to her, she’ll say stuff back and we just start cracking up because we have no idea where she learned them from.
  2. She LOVES to perform. She doesn’t like it when we ask her to but as soon as we play the music, she can’t help but start to sing, act and dance. Her faves right now are How Far I’ll Go, Let it Go, Single Ladies by the Chippettes, and a bunch of the songs from the movie “Sing.”
  3. She’s obsessed with going to dance class. She actually retains all the terms and movement, even though she only goes once a week. I bribe her with skittles after so I can take her weekly dance outfit picture after haha. She loves wearing leotards, tutus and ballet shoes… a girl after my own heart 🙂
  4. Her favorite things to play with (and watch on YouTube) are play-doh.
  5. Sometimes when she’s playing, she pretends she’s bring recorded like her favorite YouTube Star and she’ll all of a sudden say “Hi everyone, I’m Scarlett and I’m playing with yellow play-doh!” Haha.
  6. She’s definitely been a ‘threenager’ for awhile now and can be so sassy but she’s very caring. Every time any of us get hurt, she’s the first to ask if we’re ok and kisses our “boo-boo.”
  7. She likes watching me put make-up on and play with them whenever she sneaks into my make-up bag haha. She even knows what everything is for, thanks to YouTube Disney Princesses make-up videos she used to watch. She also knows all the Disney Princesses, her favorite right now is Queen Elsa.
  8. She calls everyone her “friends” but me and her daddy are her “best friends.” She started calling us her “pawents” too… love it!
  9. She has so much fun playing with Landon up until he starts bothering her. She just adores Liam or in her words “Baby Yee-Yum.” When he cries, she’ll tell me right away and even try to calm him down by saying “shh” or try to make him laugh.
  10. She still pronounces some colors wrong but we don’t mind cause it’s too cute. She says lellow, greem, and wipe (white).
  11. Her imagination is insane. I love watching her play and how she uses her toys to be anything she wants. She’s also really good at building legos!
  12. She loves to pretend to be me sometimes and calls me “sweetheart” cause that’s what I call her lol.
  13. She has a blast coming with me to run errands like get my daily Starbucks and especially “the store” AKA Target! We’ll literally be at the dollar section for awhile.
  14. Her favorite foods right now are soup, mac n cheese, and bananas.
  15. She knows how to work my phone and get to her coloring app.
  16. As soon as we get home from somewhere, she goes straight to her room to put her shoes away.
  17. She still loves to cuddle with me, especially at night before she goes to sleep and in the morning when she wakes up.
  18. She has biggest personality and some extreme facials! Haha. Everyone who meets her always tell me how entertaining she is.
  19. She loves things in quantity and is super organized! She’s super smart and amazes me every day.
  20. When I say “love you, Scarlett” she always says back “love you, Mom” *tears*

I did the same thing last year and I had so much fun reading my random facts about her then because a lot has changed in just a year! I’m definitely hugging my baby girl tighter tonight because one day she won’t just be a ‘threenager’ but an actual teenager. Omg! Excuse me while I go ball my eyes out looking at old pictures of Scarlett 😛


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