ValenteHalo Extensions


Ok so I finally joined the bandwagon of hair extensions and the only thing I’m bummed about is WHY didn’t I start using them sooner?! They can change your look, especially when your hair is short, and they add volume… which I always can use!


These specific hair extensions are halo extensions by Valente Extensions and I couldn’t be happier with how fast they are to put on! So basically, the extensions are on a clear string that you place on your head like a halo (literally). Perfect for this busy mama of 3…

Check out how easy they are to put on, around 30 seconds tops!


  1. Put the halo extensions on top of your head, where it naturally sits comfortably.

2. Start pulling out the top section of your hair to go on top of the extensions.

3. Adjust as needed and add some volume on the top. Style it to blend your actual hair with the extensions… voila! DONE!

Ladies, you need some ValenteHalo Extensions in your life. They’re a game changer! They come in different lengths and colors too so I’m positive you will find your perfect match 🙂

*This post was sponsored by Valente Hair Co. As always, all opinions are my own.


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