Organic Baby Clothing


Organic clothing for babies?! I mean, yes please! …especially if they are super cute and affordable! I love baby products that are safe for my babies. When they are also eco-friendly and safe for the environment then that’s even better! I found out about Lamaze Organic Baby clothing and immediately fell in love with their adorable designs and affordable prices. Their clothing is made with 100% organic cotton which is perfect for babies’ sensitive skin.

I’m sure you’re thinking… ‘organic cotton, there’s a thing?” Lol. I know I did so I went to their website and found out the benefits of organic cotton:

  •  Softer than conventional cotton
  •  Reduced consumption of fresh water
  •  Reduced energy demands
  •  Reduced global warming potential
  •  Reduced soil erosion
  •  Chemical-free fabric will not irritate a baby’s tender, delicate skin

YES to it all! Seriously, when I first got their clothing in the mail, my 2nd thought after thinking how cute they are is how soft the material is! I couldn’t wait to put them on my kids since I know they would be so comfortable.


What’s even better is that their clothing usually comes in a set of 2 or 3 pieces so you really do get the bang for your buck, without losing the quality! I rounded up some of my faves from them for you below… you’re welcome 😉



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*This post was sponsored by Lamaze Organic Baby. As always, all opinions are my own.


Pool Day

catandjack3^ Scarlett’s Swimsuit: Cat and Jack – Landon’s Swimming Trunks: Cat and Jack

You guys, it is SO hot in San Diego… especially where we live in Poway since it’s more inland and the kids are loving it! Surprisingly with being 34 weeks pregnant, it’s not too bad for me, maybe because I expected it to be super dreadful lol. Any way, we had our first pool day of the summer this past weekend and it was so much fun! I just can’t with baby swimsuits… well, anything baby sized really haha. The Target section gets me every time. I mean… Cat and Jack! Ugh too cute. For you fellow mamas, I rounded up some super cute swimsuits that I just want to add to Scarlett and Landon’s collection. Enjoy!


Toddler Swimsuits


Which one your fave?! I’m obsessed with #2 and #7 🙂

Have a wonderful Thursday! It’s almost Fri-yay!!!

29 Weeks Bumpdate

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.56.43 AM

Ok guys, I’m 29 weeks and feeling like I’m 35 weeks!! It’s crazy that I literally thought that this pregnancy would be a total breeze… I mean, considering it’s my third one… in a row. LOL. It’s true when they say that every pregnancy is different. I definitely started strong with this one and was dancing rigorously up to 20 weeks but as soon as I entered my third trimester last week, I have just been feeling as pregnant as ever!

Thankfully, for ALL of my pregnancies, I never experienced morning sickness… just nausea at worst. I do, however, currently suffer from fatigue, crazy hormones (sorry to my hubby Leo lol), horrible cravings, shortness of breath, and my favorite (NOT)… leg cramps in the middle of the night! I just gotta keep reminding myself that it will soon be over and I’ll have a newborn to snuggle so all of this discomfort will be worth it in the end.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.56.29 AM

Any way, Landon and Scarlett are both so attached to me but I’m not complaining! I’m looking forward to my maternity leave this summer where I can just spend as much time with them as possible 🙂 Here are the most recent pics of my babies *insert heart eyes emoji here*!

MQ_landonoutfit1^ Shoes: Adidas

MQ_scarlettoutfit1^ Matching Top and Bottom: Osh Kosh (on sale)!

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Perfect Cup for a Toddler

MQ_nubysnacknsip6MQ_nubysnacknsip3MQ_nubysnacknsip7MQ_nubysnacknsip11^ Dress: Tucker + Tate (old; similar) – Boots: Old Navy

As some of you may know, we moved into a house a little over a month ago and we are really starting to enjoy it! It’s such a pain to move… I hate packing and unpacking with a passion! Lol. The person that has been loving our new house the most is little miss Scarlett. She gets her own play room (technically, it’s hers and Landon’s but she’s claimed it), a backyard and front yard to play in and an awesome park across the street. I’m so happy that she is able to create these wonderful childhood memories! I spent a lot of my childhood outdoors so I will make sure my children get to do that as well.


One thing that makes my life easier when Scarlett is playing outside is the Nuby Snack N’ Sip Cup! It’s seriously the best invention ever! I love that you can store snacks on the top container… Scarlett loves it too! She enjoys that she can literally snack AND sip. It’s the only thing I have to take outside with us when she wants to play. I never have to step a foot in the house until she’s done cause she’s good to go for awhile with her goldfish crackers and apple juice 🙂 Mamas, it’s also super easy to clean… thank goodness!


*GIVEAWAY* I’ve teamed up with Nuby USA to give one lucky winner a Snack N’ Sip! All the details on my Instagram @rainalegado 🙂

*This post was in collaboration with Nuby USA. As always, all opinions are my own.

Boots for Toddler Girls


Isn’t this outfit just adorable?! Like… I need that vest in my size! This whole outfit is from Old Navy. I seriously get most of Scarlett’s clothes from there because they carry everything trendy for such affordable prices, plus they’re almost always having a sale!

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken Scarlett’s outfit pictures because it’s been crazy at work but I’m off of work for 2 weeks so I’m back at it! When I was on maternity leave during the summer, we took daily walks where I just took her pictures. She had a great time and I got super cute pics, win-win!

Unfortunately, that faux-fur vest is sold out 😦 I was so excited to share it with you guys! Although, good news is that her boots are on sale for $15! I linked those below plus a few more that I want to get her. Why is everything cuter in toddler size?!



Ready for Fall


How freakin’ cute are those leggings and matching headband from Trendy Bubs?! The print is jus so stylish! The fabric is super soft as well… Love! I decided to pair them with a simple white top (old, from H&M) that has some detail on the sleeves. Heart eyes emoji right?! 

Btw, I love trips to the park that are also a photo opp. Scarlett is able to burn some energy and explore while mama gets some adorable pictures of her 🙂 Of course, she got a little treat too! She felt “SO COOL” with her very own jamba juice cup. 

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