I Got My Face Shaved!


Yes, you read the title right… I got my face shaved! In other words, I got dermaplaning done for the first time! I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately and even seeing videos of people getting the procedure done and I was definitely interested. I reached out to my friend Lianna who is an esthetician and works at B Medical Spa & Wellness Center in San Diego to see if she does dermaplaning and she said yes so we booked me an appointment!


I finally went this week… You’re probably wondering if it hurts since it is done with a 10 gauge scalpel? Not at all and there are no side effects! Dermaplaning gently scrapes the dead skin layer and tiny hairs (peach fuzz) off of your face which results in smoother, softer and brighter skin. The whole procedure took less than 30 minutes and I was so amazed with how my face felt and looked after! It’s basically like a super effective exfoliation.

Other benefits are it helps eliminate fine wrinkles and it’s long-lasting (the next time you’ll have to shave your face is like 3-4 weeks). Another plus, is that your make-up will go on much smoother. I was also thrilled to learn that my skin products will work better since the whole layer of dead skin is gone. So amazing! You gotta try it out for yourself!

P.S. If you’re in San Diego, reach out to my girl Lianna from B Medical Spa and let her know I sent you!


The Best Nail Polishes for Fall


Ok ladies, these are my absolute fave nail polish colors for Fall!! I’m glad I have 11 because I will be rotating these polishes all season long! You’re welcome πŸ™‚ Lol. Here you go (in no specific order):

Click on them for a swatch!

  • OPI – My Private Jet: Ok, I know I said this is in no specific order but this is my FAVE one for Fall and it’s one that I wear any season. It’s like a really dark gray (almost black) with tiny sparkles. You need this!
  • OPI – Warm Me Up: Similar to My Private Jet but has more of a brownish tint and minus the sparkles.
  • OPI – Wooden Shoe Like to Know?: Such a pretty light brown with sparkles. This would look great on any skin tone.
  • OPI – Under the Mistletoe: My fave one to wear in December! It’s the perfect deep red with glitter but the glitter isn’t too in your face. Love this one!
  • Zoya – Payton: This one is like a disco ball on your nails. I love wearing this when I want more of a bold color on my nails. It’s a burgundy color with tons of colorful glitter. In the shade, the glitter is barely seen unless you look up close but in light, WOW!
  • Essie – Smokin’ Hot: My fave gray-ish polish! It has a hint of purple and it goes on super creamy and opaque!
  • OPI – Lincoln After Dark: This is my go-to black polish! Everyone needs a black polish in their collection and this formula is perf.
  • Sinful Colors – Navy I Do: Super dark navy blue… obsessed! Best part? Only $2!
  • OPI – Vampsterdam: This color is SO pretty and SO Fall. It’s a deep purply burgundy.
  • Ulta – Plum Street: The perfect burgundy polish!
  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White: Just like a black polish, white can be worn all year round so you already know, I’ll have some white nails this season!

Alright, well there ya go! I’m always open to new nail polishes though. What are your fave ones for Fall?! Let me know in the comments then I’ll probably head over to a beauty supply store to grab them lol.

P.S. In case you missed it, click here to shop my nail polish organizer!


Ipsy September 2017 Glam Bag Review


Ok so I LOVE the actual bag it came in this month! I haven’t loved an Ipsy make-up bag in awhile but this one is so me! My fave color combo is black and gold and I love classic, no design make-up bags so this is right up my alley. So chic!

What’s in the September 2017 “Like a Boss” glam bag?

  1. P.R.M.I.T. Beauty GELIusion in January
  2. Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Radiance Primer
  3. Eva NYC Zero Gravity Volume Powder
  4. NEOGEN Dermalogy White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop
  5. Ciate London Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic

ipsysept2P.R.M.I.T. Beauty GELIusion in January

Getting nail polishes in my glam bags are the best, especially full size bottles. This color is the perfect deep burgundy for Fall… obsessed. The formula is super thick and creamy and one coat is completely opaque but I still used 2 coats. I think the name of the polish “Gelusion” is on point because it totally does give the illusion of a gel polish especially with my super shiny top coat! Oh and guess what? This brand is also cruelty-free and vegan… major plus!

ipsysept5Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Radiance Primer

Yay I love Smashbox! I actually used one of their primers before and loved it. This primer in particular adds a nice glow so it’s really pretty! It blended well with my powder foundation too and made it last longer.


ipsysept3Eva NYC Zero Gravity Volume Powder

I have a product like this already to volumize my hair but I was happy to get one from this brand since I’ve heard good things about their products. I thought it worked just as good as the one I currently have. A little goes a long way so I like to start with a little and add more as needed. My hair is pretty flat at the top so this helps add more volume there.


ipsysept4NEOGEN Dermalogy White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop

I’m not usually a fan of serums although I was excited to try this one out because I heard good reviews. A little of this goes a long way and with the small amount I put, my face definitely felt softer and more hydrated. Good product!

ipsysept6Ciate London Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic

I’m loving this mascara! First of all, I love this brand’s nail polishes so I was excited to try out their mascara. I didn’t even know they made other products aside from nail polish so it was a pleasant surprise. The formula of this mascara was very black and it applied smoothly.

Overall I’d say it’s a pretty good bag this month! Loved the brands and the products πŸ™‚ My favorite would have to be the nail polish though even though it’s a close call between that, the mascara and the volume powder. If you still haven’t tried Ipsy and want to for only $10/month…Β ClickΒ here! Btw, the nail polish alone is $11… just sayin’ πŸ˜‰

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.46.47 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.46.27 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.46.18 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.46.32 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.46.12 PM


Dermalogica’s New PreCleanse Balm


I always love when Dermalogica sends me their products to try! I have been a fan of their products since I first found out about it years ago… they are definitely quality and worth every dollar (even though they are pricey).

This is their new PreCleanse Balm that comes with a double-sided cleansing mitt to provide mild exfoliation (love)! So before you wash your face with your cleanser, you put some of the PreCleanse Balm onto the cleansing mitt or directly on your hand, massage onto your skin in a circular motion, add water to emulsify, then rinse! Now your face is prepped for your regular facial cleanser.


You’re probably wondering “what’s the point of a PreCleanse,” right? Lol. Well here are the benefits of this product: removes excess oil, sunscreen, make-up and pollutants (San Diego has a ton), dissolves buildup, and smoothes, calms and nourishes the skin.

My face felt even cleaner than it usually does after adding this to my daily skincare routine! You should definitely try it. It comes in a travel size for $15 πŸ˜‰ I always love opting for the travel size if there’s a product I really want to try and I don’t want to break the bank. Haha.

Happy almost-Friday! xo

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Ice Rolling Benefits

When I first heard of an “ice roller,” I was like what the heck is an ice roller and what does it do?! I read more about it and soon after, I went on Amazon, clicked “add to cart” and waited patiently for 2 days for it to arrive at my doorstep (thank you Amazon Prime)!

Ever since I got my ice roller, I’ve been obsessed and always look forward to ice rolling my face in the morning! It’s just a water and gel filled roller that you stick in the freezer then attach to the handle when you’re ready to roll it on your face. Now you’re probably wondering why in the world would you want to roll a freezing gadget on your face right? Lol. Well, here are the benefits and reasons why you need to get one ASAP:

  • Reduces puffiness (when I wake up in the morning, my face feels and looks puffy… not cute lol)
  • Calms redness
  • Firms the skin and prevents wrinkles (my skin feels so much tighter after my daily ice rolling sessions)
  • Strengthens collagen fibers
  • Makes you feel refreshed and more awake (the cold definitely wakes me up and I feel more circulation on my face)
  • It’s super relaxing too (TBH, it’s like a quick spa treatment at home)

There are a ton of different kinds of ice rollers that you can get. The one I have is only $11 and comes in different colors… plus it got a bunch of good reviews. If you have Amazon Prime… 2 words: free shipping! πŸ™‚ Click here to shop!

*I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Nail Products You Need For Your DIY Mani


First of all, Happy Labor Day (and #manimonday)!

As much as it would be nice to go to a nail salon and get a gel mani done (they last 2 weeks), I prefer to do my own because I get tired of wearing the same nail color after awhile AKA like 5 days. Haha. Plus, I am a perfectionist so I like to make sure my manicures are up to my standard. I have quite the collection of nail polishes too, over 100! I have two of this nail polish organizer from Amazon to keep them organized in my closet.

Any way, I wanted to share the products that I use for my DIY mani’s at home… I’ve been using all of these products for years! Fun fact: if a product really works for me, I am a loyal customer! Lol. I’ve tried many brands and I’ve been doing my own nails since high school (for reference, I just turned 30 haha) so you can trust me! I always get compliments and questions on my manicures and I actually shared what I do step by step here… it was my very first blog post!


Cuticle Remover: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

Okay, so I’ve been using the blue kind that you can see in my picture above BUT I tried searching for it online and it’s no where to be found. Strange because I just got a new tube from Target a couple months ago. I did find this new version of it. I wonder if they discontinued the blue one?! If so, I’d definitely switch to this one since it’s most likely really similar.

Nail File: OPI Lacquer Edge

You’re probably wondering, is it really necessary to use an OPI nail file which probably costs triple the amount of a regular one?! And the answer is YES! I’ve tried different brands but this one is just amazing. You’ll have to try it for yourself! The other files give me that ‘nails on a chalkboard’ feeling sometimes (weird, I know) but this file by OPI never does and it lasts awhile. It does a really good job at filing a nail down too!

Base Coat: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

This is my fave base coat! It fills any nail ridges so that the nail polish can go on smoothly and my manicures have lasted longer after I started using this.

Top Coat: Seche Vite Quick Dry Fast Top Coat

I’ve been using this top coat since college and I haven’t found one that can compete with its extreme shine and how fast it dries! I switched over to a different top coat a couple years ago because it made my mani last longer but I switched back to this because it makes my mani look like a gel mani… so shiny! It dries super fast too, you will love it!

Cuticle Oil: CND Solar Oil and Cuticle Conditioner

This keeps my cuticle area moisturized which makes a mani looking fresh longer. I simply put this on my cuticles before going to sleep, let it soak all night and then wake up to super soft cuticles!

Cuticle Lotion: CND Cuticle Eraser

This is a must have! I keep this in my purse and whenever my cuticles need some extra love during the day, I just put this on. It’s a lotion so it absorbs faster than the oil. This product is so good that it’s currently out of stock at Ulta because they said it’s “crazy popular.” I couldn’t find it anywhere online but I usually get mine in person at a store called Empire Beauty SupplyΒ (for all my fellow San Diegans)!

P.S. I created a Pinterest board of my nail swatches and will continue to add to it… Click here! πŸ™‚

*I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.